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I realize the music I listen to now has changed since me and the wife split. I found anything by Alex Care gets me pumped and that type of music isn't my first choice but I'm starting to love it.

My question is what genre of music or what artist or song helps you keep your head up no matter what your situation is?

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i like to listen some classic music at night while I'm driving along the roads.

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September's upvotes from my Pandora Fugazi channel
Ian Mackaye Was Right by El Ten Eleven
Kill Squad USA by Pie
Surprise! by Medications
Between Us And Them by Ulrich Schnauss
Number 5 by Fugazi
Cocaine Computer by Trans Am
Never Enough Neck The F**king Champs
Sketches Of Spain (For Miles) by Buckethead
Let It All Be by Melvins
Metroid by Minibosses
For Respect by Don Caballero
All New Friends by Dirty On Purpose
Sis by Jonathan Kane
Deeds by Melk The G49
Breathe by Sugarblade
Golden Days (Part ) by Spanish For
Stars Are Underground (Live) by The Frames
Bone Amber Reigns by Kerretta
Maven Fade by Kerretta
Big News I by Clutch
Nude With Boots (Live) by Melvins
Wrath Upon Ourselves by As I Lay Dying
Rhonda by Slint
Thor Is Like Immortal by The F**king Champs
Nicked And Liqued by Don Caballero
Five Hours In by Spanish For
Back In Bloom by SULK
Fell A Bird by Spanish For
Your Tongue Is The Deadliest Of Arrows by Dogwood
And Just Go by Dysrhythmia
If You Stand For Nothing (You'll Folf For Anything) by Drunk Horse
Walkers, Sleepers, Eaters by Crush Kill Destroy
Bears See Things Pretty Much The Way They Are by Don Caballero
Go There by Embarrassing Fruits
You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) by Mudhoney
H.R. Geigercounter by Last Of The Juanitas
Arachnophilia by Hematovore
Extra Man by The F**king Champs
7:3 Easter Morning by By The End Of Tonight
Cold War (War Is Stupid Mix) by Trans Am
Alone And Unaware, The Landscape Was Transformed In Front Of Our Eyes by Red Sparowes
Air On A GString by The F**king Champs
Captain Caveman by Lightning Bolt
Perfect Crime by VizaNoir
Bleed by Meshuggah
The Bight Of Benin by Buckethead
Chasm by Flyleaf
Of Course Nowadays They Call It Stalking by Last Of The Juanitas
Soft Sugar by Noxagt
They Move On Tracks Of NeverEnding Light by This Will Destroy You
Turkish Disco by Fugazi
Interstate Death Toll by Huevos Rancheros
Schroed(er) / Inger by Mazarin
Famnail by Hella
Don't Mind If I Don't by Turing Machine
Digitalis by Zombi
Thank You Fallettinme Be Mice Elf Agin by Jonathan Kane
Hurry Up by Paul Gilbert
Zelda Fortress by The Advantage
Ironhead by Helmet
Drop Out by Converge
Dirty Little Secret by The Infinity Room
Blasting Through The Back Nine by Hematovore
Hiding Drugs In The Temple (Part) by Kinski
Sure We Had Knives Around by Don Caballero
Esprit De Corpse by The F**king Champs
Remember This by Duplomacy
Solid Pleasure by Numbers
Day Sleeper by Longwave
Piss Alley by The Crownhate Ruin
What We All Come To Need by Pelican
Test Confessional by Die So Fluid
Fractured (Like Chandeliers) by Polvo
Count Backwards To Black by Black Moth Super Rainbow
Buffalo by Made Out Of Babies
The Creature by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Aura On An Asylum Wall by Kayo Dot
Weed Party by Band Of Horses
Car NoDriver by Dirty On Purpose
Dead End Girl by Heavens
Herringbone Tweed by Dean & Britta
I Am The Album Cover by The F**king Champs
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