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Such little info. But i'll throw my 2 cents there.

First. Be honest with us and yourself: "Do you drink too much?" Meaning, is it a problem?

Second. Be dam sure there isn't another man/woman. Can't be sure nowdays.

Third. Tell her how you feel, short and sweet! If you want to be a better husband / father, tell her and tell her you're willing to do w/e you need to do to be better. Short n sweet is key here, don't talk forever on it. Once you say it, she'll know what you said, so don't plug it in all the time.

Fourth. Read up on the 180 plan. Act happy, be happy and be distant. Don't pressure her. Ask her if she'd like you to sleep in another room to help her think. If not, be sure to say good night to her, see if she needs anything before bed etc. Just be nice and don't overflaunt it.

Fifth. Be patient and BE OPEN MINDED. Try not to beg or plead, and be happy and distant.

Sixth: Buy some books!

Divorce Remedy (or Divorce Busting, DR is newer)

The 5 Love Languages

His Needs, Her Needs

No More Mr. Nice Guy (just in case)

There's more but that'll get you started. I think Divorce Remedy will be good for you to start out with. THen probably His needs her needs.

Given the reason for this, there's always a chance. Keep in mind, if it was a done deal it would be much worse. Maybe some others will chime in here and help out.

Good luck my friend, sorry you're here but glad you found us. Be happy.
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Not open for further replies.