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Buy her some flowers. Don't ask her what she wants. I hate when my husband does that to me. I'm exhausted 200% of the time and for once, I just wish that he would make the decision on his own. He knows what I like to do. Rub her feet. Run her a bath. Cook her dinner. Don't let her wash the dishes and don't say a word about it. Maybe you have already tried all of these things. Maybe not. I just know that this is what MY heart desires at times. I hate when my husband asks me. But out of respect. I tell him instead of saying I wish that you would just come up with a plan and do it instead of asking me because then I feel like I'm making him do something that he doesn't care to do?

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I have mentioned how her sister and our brother-in-law are such a great team together
Yes, but did he have an affair?

Pretty much.
She never developed any shared interests. To put it most directly She does a lot of things FOR HIM
I don't have any shared interests with my daughter. She's a geek like her father, and mad for computer games. When she shows me something I space out after 5 minutes, it's mind numbingly boring to me and frankly, I'd rather watch paint dry. We are very close though, I do for her, I'm her comfort and mama bear when she needs it.

I think its you that your wife is avoiding to be frank. Your affair did a lot of damage and you seem completely oblivious to that fact.

She might be inadvertently projecting some of her feelings about you around your affair on to your son…. Affairs are truly awful things that can destroy families in many ways.
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