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Wife is not a mother to our son

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Hello Everyone,
I don't really know how to start this so I will give you guys the basics and we'll fill this out later in the forum I hope.
Wife and I work opposite schedules. She is a teacher and I am an aviation. We have an 11-year-old son and long story short I am the only adult that has formed a bond and am participatory with my time energy and emotions towards him.
Wife will put her head down and bury herself in her work or her time on the computer and she does love her time on the computer or with her friends and never does anything with our son. She has never formed a real bond with him or has any shared interests.
I love our son more than words can ever imagine and I have loved our time our 11 years together and everything I have shared with him He is an amazing little human.
I have 45 minutes in the morning that I see him as I take him to school and I have our weekends together that we fish hike or kayak together.
My wife cannot even spend a half an hour with him without it devolving into a disagreement or an argument or she is hounding him for normal 11-year-old boy behaviors.
I am heartbroken and I see the effect it is having on our son.
Just the past evening she worked until 5:00 dropped our son off at home and then went out with her fellow teacher friends for two and a half hours only to return home to put him to bed while I was at work.
If she is not having any meaningful relations or interactions with our son I am about ready to kick her to the curb and just single parent it. Help me out before I do something rash.
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He is an extremely bright young man and I totally watch her just ignore him. They have no shared activities, no shared discussions She will do the normal parenting things in correct him for behaviors outbursts or incidents that every little boy goes through but then she will data dump on him for everything he has done wrong for the last month.
He said to me in the car today sometimes I think Mom doesn't even care about me and that just wrecked me
Says every teenager in the history of mankind in an effort to manipulate the other parent for whatever reason.
When you divorce her, it will mess him up even worse because he will instinctively play you against one another in order to get what he wants. You had an affair just a year ago?
Hmmmm. It appears you are neglectful of your son. Hard to do a lot of great parenting when one’s attention is directed at their affair partner.
I’ll bet your wife is running on fumes.
Get that log out of your eye so you can operate on that splint in hers.
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You seem to really dislike her. What made you fall in love with her?
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