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Wife abruptly left a week ago, visiting a strange woman completely across country. What to do?

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Limited contact. Strange hours. No sex. Trying to figure out what to do.

Now I admit this is satire.
Wife's mom sadly had issue, few days in hospital, W flew out to be with sister as they spend time visiting and helping mom get situated now she's out of hospital.

A man can only fish and have cookouts so much during a week and catch up on stuff been put off just so long. Working on cars and motorcycle relaxing in garage with tunes and grill going is too much too suffer.

Lucky W will be home tomorrow. Maybe we'll survive.

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I am so glad the title was click bait. When I saw your name attached to the thread my heart broke just a little bit.

It must be so stressful to run the house but I think you should wash her car. You will find the time between BBQs. As a reward I'm sure she will show her gratitude when she returns if she's not too emotionally drained. Dealing with an aging parent cross country is stressful.

I hope your MIL pulls through or passes quickly.
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