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I have a marriage situation and trying to read other experiences.

The difficult I am finding is the many abbreviations used.

I tried to google search but some does not even makes sense.

one example:-
Even "small" ones from the WS (What is WS?)

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WS=Wayward Spouse
WW=Wayward Wife
WH=Wayward Husband
OM=Other Man
OW=Other Woman
OMW=Other Mans Wife
OWH=Other Womans Husband
STBX=Soon To Be Ex
TT=Trickle Truth

You get used to them after awhile.

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It's easier to use shorthand. People do that all the time even in real life. At my work place, we use acronyms for so many things.

There are links on Talk About Marriage to the most commonly used abbreviations. A few that come to mind are..

WS = wayward spouse (the cheating spouse)
BS = betrayed spouse
STBXW - soon to be ex wife
STBXH - soon to be ex husband
R - reconciliation
D- divorce
EA = emotional affair
PA= physical affair
NC = no contact
IC = individual counseling
MC = marital/marriage counseling
OP = orignal poster
AP = affair partner
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