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I know I am late to this, but maybe it reaches you.

I don't say the Mastiff is evil or anything, it's genetics is nothing it is responsible for, but to put in perspective of what we are talking about:

You compare a herding dog, the border collie, to a dog that descended DIRECTLY from a dog breed that was SPECIFICALLY created to MURDER opponent soldiers on the battle field, the Mastiff. The Molosser (it's precursor) was bred by the romans exclusively for attack and guard purposes.
A herd dog like your Collie was specifically bred to NOT hurt those it protects and herds.
And for the Collie your daughter is exactly that. A thing to protect because it seems to have value to his master, you.
The Collie would die to protect your daughter.

The Mastiff of your brother on the other hand - 1.000 years of war, murder and mayhem on the battlefields of Europe and Africa coursing through his veins.
Fear and the sense of pain bred out of his genetic template ages before you, your brother or this dog were even born.
And he sees that there is a small thing in the room that seem to annoy his master, your brother and you. Because he can not understand you, he just sees your reaction, you are amused and a bit annoyed. Your post tells me that. And the dog smells and feels that.

Pictures of Molosser are even memorialised at the column of Trajan in Rome. As warhounds, in packs...

THAT is the fundamental difference between the two. Genetics. Purpose. Protection and safekeeping against Murder and wholesale mayhem.

How would you react if your brother put a loaded and fireready gun on the coffeetable in reach of your daughter and leave the room? Even for a minute?

THAT is exactly what you do to your daughter. You try to convince her to play with a murder machine, because nothing happened so far. And then you will revert your attention elsewhere, just for a minute. And a minute is all it takes.
She is 4 years old, ffs

In my hometown there were 106 incidents with dogs and children in 2021 alone.
And in NOT ONE of the children came out as the winner or at least unhurt.
These dogs go in for the kill. ALWAYS. And even more scary they go for the faces of children. ALWAYS.

I had to personally witness the aftermaths of two of these 'accidents' through my job as a paramedic and counsellor.
ALL of these were commited by dog breeds considered dangerous, by the way. No Collie or Poodle or whatever. Mastiff, Bulldog etc...
Muscle dogs. Descendants from the roman Molosser breed just like your brother's. 2 millenia of murder and mayhem bottled up in genetic code and then put in a close quarter environment with unpredictable children. What could possibly go wrong?

And you know what? ALL of the owners told me that their lovely, pretty murdermachine never ever did that before. How could they have possibly known?
Can you even begin to imagine what it means for the father in me to see these little ones bleed out there on the floor, convulsing in pain, not able to cry and scream because there is nothing left to cry from.
Can you?

And always I have to put on my compassionate costume and sooth them while my colleagues trying to piece together what is left of the victim of this oh so peaceful beast and rush them to the hospital where doctor's like my wife desperatly try to save what is not saveable.

I do this job for nearly 3 decades now and the stories are always the same.

I am SO sick of it
Sick, because I will also be there some years upstream when these mutilated victims stand at the rails of some random bridge in the middle of the night to end the misery that should have been a wonderful journey called life.
I will be there and try to convince a boy that living without a proper face is worth it shortly after some random girl told him to screw off, she wants nothing to do with a freak like him.
I am SO sick of it.
I will be there and try to convince a girl that living without half a ribcage and a missing breast at an age where you are Self-consciousness to the n-th degree is fine and worth it even when the boys make fun of "one-tiddie".
I am SO sick of it.
I will be there when their parents or relatives come to the stark realisation that I am up there because of THEM. THEY are the reason for me standing at this rail holding a wreck that should have been a spiritful young person in my arms while my colleagues prepare for the drop that hopefully never comes.

But not now. Not this time.
Because your daughter is still fine and you are... I don't know.
Your starting post asks why she is like this. Seriously? Are you ****ing serious? If you are:

Go on your knees. Go down to the place where the head of your daughter is. And then look up to the mastiff when he stands there. Right in front of you, 250 pounds of flesh and teeth breathing into your face with spit drops landing all over you.
And now try to imagine that you are not a 100 kg human male with a mind and muscle set to kill an attacking predator with bare hands but a 40 kg human female with the body of a child. WHAT DO YOU SEE?
And then ask again why she is ACTING afraid. She is NOT acting, you... argh... 😡💢

There is only one thing you can do: Separate your daughter from that godforsaken dog. Completely, no questions asked. No whys and ifs.
Not you nor your brother will be able to defend her when the attack will eventually come, because the predator sensed the fear of it's prey one time too often.

And then she will stand up there one day with a guy or girl like me trying to convince her that there is more to live for even with these horrific scars.
And you will have to come to the conclusion that YOU are the reason for it. Not the dog, YOU.
So never, ever even think again that she is afraid of a monster 6 times her size and with fangs longer than medieval daggers just 'for attention'.
Help her.
Then one day it will not be her name in the news. Because were there for her in the hour of need. You can look back with pride instead with shame and dread to this day.
Because you are a father who protects his daughter from the monster in the closet instead asking on the internet if she is acting for attention in the presence of a monster. And she love you even more for it because that is what she sees - a monster.

Please, I know my rant is unfair and hurtful. But these kind of living, breathing relics of ancient warfare have no business whatsoever around little children.
The dog would never ever do anything to hurt her, even the border collie has the potential but never would.

and the border collie is bigger than my daughter, why wasn’t she scared of the border collies size and strength advantage?
My daughter is 30 pounds and the border collie is 60 pounds, even though the border collie has a good 30 pounds on my little girl, she is not scared whatsoever, so what’s the difference? Why would she be so frightened of the other dogs?

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Because one of them is a huge, slobber-covered, mean-looking beast. Why the obsession with getting her to like this dog? How would it benefit you or her? It seems some respect for her boundaries is lacking here.
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