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I don't know if you're fir real, but as an adult you should realize (at least instinctively, if not taught) that we humans just as any other species in this planet have as part of our survival mechanism build in (genetics) fears. It comes instinctively for anything that nature has taught us through hundred of thousands years of evolution.

We all have fears. Fear is a good thing. It helps you to stay alive. If the gazelle wouldn't fear the lions, she would be dead.

We all as part of our genetic makeup have fears in degrees. Some humans have more fear to certain things than to others. You might have fears of heights, while not having any fear to bees, for example. Fears can also be pathological as in phobias.

Your child is just expressing her natural tendency towards an unfamiliar predator (dogs are predators). She's not used to such big animal. She will have to learn to accept the dog at her own pace, or not at all. Don't push her, you would only accentuate her fear.

Be smart about it.
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