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Mrs. C and I got naughty in the bathroom of my grandparents house at Thanksgiving one year, while everyone was visiting.😁

The most unique place in my history though was with a native girl. We were walking in the woods when a fast thunder storm caught us.

We actually found a cave to get out of the storm.

We both smiled at each other and I took her right there.

We parted the next day and we never saw each other again but I still remember her name and a remarkable amount of details about her.

Must have been the weird circumstances.

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I have no idea what would qualify, as the most unique place I've had sex with someone.

I mean how do I choose amongst the following unique places (some with my wife, some not)?

I had sex with my ex-wife for the first time, at a party in a lounge room with other friends in the room (and our friends saw and heard it all), through the night, a couple of hours after we met.

I've had sex on a tabletop tennis, table top.

I've had sex in a monorail going around a city CBD.

I've had sex in the open at various parks, and some tourist attraction lookouts.

I've had sex on the entrance to a walking track at a mountain attraction on a very foggy night (with my wife), and we got the "hmmm, hmmm", when some random bush walker came out of nowhere, so we stopped briefly and carried on once he had passed.

I've had sex during a lunch break, in a random apartment complex entrance stairwell. We couldn't wait so we went for it.

I've had sex on some random persons home driveway one night.

I've had sex standing up (somewhat inebriated) on a dance floor in the middle of other dancing patrons, in a nightclub. And funnily enough after that, on the way home in a bus, another woman took a fancy to me and I had sex with her on the following day.

I've had sex in the open on a few beaches, including a nudist beach.

I've had sex on some mountain tops or very near the top in other instances.

I've had sex in the open, at a university, near one of their experimental sites (and like @so_sweet my wife got bitten by mosquitos on her bare behind a lot).

I've had sex in, on and against different cars, at some rest stops and parking spots.

I've had sex on the floor with one woman, in the bedroom of a mutual woman friend while she was sleeping on her bed.

I've had sex in a tent while camping.

I've had sex in a tent at a party.

I've had sex in a coastal gun emplacement.

I've had sex on a lookout picnic table.

I've had sex in some caves.

I've had sex in some random wilderness locations.

I've had sex in some streets and alleyways , including in a few city CBD's.

I've had sex on some jetty's, and under some bridges.

And I just remembered I've had sex in a cemetery, and on the grounds of some church on one occasion, and a couple of train stations as well.

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My husband and I have always loved the great outdoors! So hiking trails and boardwalks at state parks have gotten our motors running more than once. We've never been caught by anyone, probably because we're generally fairly quick and standing. But one time we made use of a fallen tree and were taking our time. Dusk arrived and we heard some large animal waking up for the night nearby! We stayed quiet and still until we thought it was safe to run out of the woods!

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After working at this place for 6 years, I finally got an office of my own, IT worked the night shift & just me keeping things running. my late wife showed up at 11p under the pretense of bringing me lunch but she lifted her dress and bent over my desk saying take what you want. So we christened my new desk with anal.

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I don't know what I'd consider the most unique.

There has been the obligatory empty or close to empty movie theaters, dressing rooms, at work, parked car locations, on my boats, various outside locations, various locations during family gatherings.

The location I probably still feel worst about is doing it in a church. I'm not religious but if there is a Hell that may be my ticket in :LOL: I guess the chapel at my HS wasn't much better.

Or alternatively, a threesome with another girl just awkwardly sitting in the room dying. No idea why she didn't leave... I still feel bad about that one.

My most stupid location was probably on a jam packed coach bus while on a youth church trip. People around us definitely figured it out. Under the bleachers during a HS pep rally was pretty dumb too.

The potentially sounding romantic but actually stupid would be at the top of a waterfall and under/behind said waterfall. Also where I proposed.

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No way! Oh wow. I'm going to Disneyland on Monday. I am not gutsy enough to try that. If there is such a thing as a trophy for this thread, you'd get my vote.
I was doing some work for the mighty Disney Corporation a few years ago and while rebooting the system the security officer who happened to be a seriously hot woman asked me if I wanted to have a look around the haunted mansion while it was empty. The rest is history lol.
The last time I was on the ride was 2019 while on honeymoon! And it wasn’t with the security officer lol.

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On the balcony of an apartment overlooking Huntington Beach. Her idea, not mine. I was not comfortable with it, but that's what she wanted. Way too visible from all directions.

I spent quite a bit of time with this woman after my sister in law set me up in a surprise blind hookup with her. I learned a lot about plumbing and what gives women pleasure.
LOL the last cruise we were on we did it on the balcony and had two watchers. One of them pointed at us....

For some reason, women love to do it in public, me not so much.
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