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Your husband confessed and is up at night abd can’t sleep over it….
There’s that. Few cheaters confess.
Few honest men go out to bars and pick up women and pretend they don’t know how it works.
Then again, few long term married men know how aggressive women are today and don’t know at first how to deal with it. I didn’t.

See an attorney and get the divorceball rolling and you’ll see how sorry he is. Make it a nightmare for him, just as it’s a nightmare for you. Even if you choose to stay abd forgive and try again, you should have a good example of hell for him to remember, should he ever have in mind to go to a bar again and chase women.

Do you think this one really a one time event or first time he got caught?
Do you think he’s truly remorseful?
Do you think he’s an honest person or a liar?

however you answer that, realize he is capable of a lot more than you thought.
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