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Trying to understand want went wrong

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i am 41 yr male that was in a relationship with a young lady for 4 yrs that just turned 30 she had no kids i had 4 in the 4 yrs we were together we never had a fight, the first 2 years were so wonderful even thou we had to deal with isessue from ex's and alost of a great family member she was my rock she is the most focused woman i ever meet. after the 2 yr i feel in a dreppression and she as me to move out so i did we still talked had dinner aand still had our adult fun but just lived apart until on day she said she couldn't talk or text me anymore. she might as well just cut my heart out thats would of been easier that went on for about 3 weeks then i got brave and knock on her door the next thing i know we are both in tears telling each other how much we love each and cant be with out the other.. so we bear ack and at the first of last year she ask if i would with her back to where she lived for her to take this she has been offered and i said yes as long as we can come back every other weekend to see my kids.. well here the problem she had to start e job and stay with a female friend of hers while i stay back and took care of the house and all the dogs (all 7) when she would come home i did everything possible to make weekend easy for her she never had to do laundry cook or anything and that was pretty much during the whole relationship some people say i spoiled her i say i just loved her . well 7 months i took a new job driving a truck we didn't get to talk as much but when i knew it was about time for her to call my heart would beat just a little faster we had been making plans about getting my kids to live with us had planned on me being home for Xmas for 5 days with the kids and at thanksgiving it just the 2 of us.

well here where it went south the Friday before thanksgiving she was going on a road trip and i was looking forward to it because at when we go to talk more well by 10 that morning i had found out hat she had decided that we were over she said it has been building up and she has been fighting to keep it together but it just not there she says she loves me but not like before this destroyed. i couldn't understand if it was falling apart why make the plans that we were making. she tell me all she wants now is her life her dogs (8-10) of them and if she want to go out and have fun on the side choice..... now here is a little bit more info she had a procedure done for birth control it was hurting her so bad they had to remov ever since then her hormones are jack up she could get the desire to be touch at.
but tell me there is no one else.. and the last chat i had with her she says she misses everyone bad but cant handle the stress from the last year but cant tell me exactly what the stress was

so i lay everyday hurting wishing she would come back to me
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Very painful.

The story is kind of sad too.
Sounds like the last few years, you've been growing apart.. & not together. She is realizing it... and ending it now before it gets to fighting stage.

Sounds like She just wants connection & the fun of romance, not the hard work of working on & keeping a marriage going thru financial struggles & juggling kids, schedules, etc.
Hi wishiknewhow,,
You need to be strong, you really love her. I will pray for you but at the same time you need to try to meet her. Meeting her will start your old memories to flourish and she can come back ASAP.
thanks kat but she lives 5 hours away
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