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Trying new things

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Hello all,

I have been curious how people normally go about finding new things to try in the bedroom. Do you read articles about new sex things and want to try it out and research it? Or do you hear about things from friends, tv, etc? I know a lot of people probably get ideas generally from watching porn which is where a lot of my things I want to experience come from. Those of you who don't watch porn, where do you find new things to try? Do you ever seek out new things to try or is it just more when you come across something that piques your interest in your day to day life?
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She just grabs random stuff in the heat of the moment and yells, “PUT THIS IN!” Whatever she likes goes into the “sex” drawer.

That reminds me, I need to get me a new water bottle. And a new CPAP machine.
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That sounds like a fun time. Reminds me of an older coworker who told me his lady friend had him use a vacuum handle on her in the heat of the moment and all I could think was how unsanitary that would be.
Man, imagine if he turned it on. That would suck!
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