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is it possible for someone to overdue or exploit trust.
My future wife in is the military and is gone quite often for periods of time, with almost all male counterparts. She also works in the oil trade, very long hours with all men. She will go for drinks here and there after work, take trips with or go stay at a girl friend for the weekend. I just feel that my trust is being taken to far. Then when questionable things arise, we talk about it then she is like things never happened. Text messages, rarely in the mood, which to a certain degree I understand from the long work hours. I guess if or when I get out she trusts me 100%, but I have only had 5 days off in a row once in the last ten years. I just want to maybe get her to understand why it is that I feel this way, just feel like my trust has been taken to far. Any Ideas?
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there are other fish in the sea. unless you are attached to her with super glue, look elsewhere. you aren't even married yet and you guys are already in trouble. how is this going to get any better?
Even if she is not cheating... it sounds like a situation in which you are not feel safe.

Don't think this relationship is going to work for you.
confusedchv said : Then when questionable things arise, we talk about it then she is like things never happened.
If Transparency is very important TO YOU , and she is dissing it in any way - this will only be worse after you marry. Gotta figure this all out now. ..get on the same page...find peace with it.

Being away long periods of time from each other can't be easy either, we forge other relationships while separated. Best to not get married under those circumstances... a woman in that atmosphere should have really strict boundaries so she is able to withstand all the male temptation coming her way.

Do you know her character well enough?
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