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traped and alone

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ive been married to my wife 12 years now the marriged was wrong from the start. we only marrried at time time cause she was having my kid at time seem like right thing to do but as time went on things never got better. i do love her but not in love with her ever time she gets mad she lets me know she has never been in love with me.of the 12 years only got to kiss her one time for past 5 years been sleeping alone no one to hold but my self.. i feel like im missing out on that part of my life to hold someone to wake up with a woman in my arms but no i stay for my kid but now she is 12 years old..i ask for sex but end up having to beg 2 r 3 days to get it then it just hurry up say just not into sex anymore so deal with it. i love my kid with all my heart cant bring myself to leave her wife say u ever leave u will never see your kid again she take her bsck to ca we live in sc..wife all she want to do is cuss me and my kid everyday im in so much pain been here most days wish i could just take my life to end the pain what do i do from here someone please help..i never cheated on her never put hands on her give her my whole pay check wash dish i cook i clean what more do a woman want i work 6 days a week just want a woman to love me is that to much to ask for
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Have you checked with a lawyer to see what your options are? Especially if she has told you that if you leave you will never see your kid again? Maybe you need to tell a lawyer what you have told us here, and how she takes your whole paycheck and tells you that you wont see your kid again if you leave. Might be worth looking into.
my kid beg me not to leave it just crush me
my kid beg me not to leave it just crush me
Then I guess you stay and have a miserable life with your wife.

If you choose to stay because of your child, then you still need to come to a compromise with your wife, if she doesn't want to, then you still need to get a lawyer involved. Does your wife work too? Or does she just take your whole paycheck like you said?

Its time to man up.
Have you explained to your kid (kid's old enough now to know) that you guys don't love each other and are not happy and that you'd like to be able to love someone and show him/her what love is supposed to be like?
not just my kid this woman is crazy she will make sure if i leave make my life living hell.. and the fear of been alone dont have the money to start a new life cant just leave her with no car im not that way ive never been i love so not sure where to even start if get lawer just make thing worst for me and my kid
what ever happen to women just want true love she do work she dont take my money i give it to her i think i woman should get what she wants from her man
If you're not willing to try anything then just stay where you are, you see thats working right?!
I agree, talk to a lawyer right away.

Set boundaries with your wife, you can't go on being treated this way.

Think of this from your child's standpoint, they will grow up thinking this is what marriage is like.
but how can u just walk away with nothing like im traped dont have a great job but only make 400 aweek
Maybe you need to pick up a part time job to go along with the one you already have. I know that might not be easy, but you are saying you don't have a lot of money.

Another thing, quit handing over your paycheck to her. Why would you even do that? If she works then shes not totally without money. Keep your money in an account for yourself to pay the bills etc. Part of the reason you may not have enough money is because you're handing it over to her.
I am having a little difficulty understanding your wording due to maybe a different dialect, but the bottom line is that you are living in a marriage with no love, it sounds like. You are very unhappy in this marriage and want out, it sounds like. Your wife has admitted she does not love you. You feel you do not love her. You are being threatened by your wife if you dare to leave her. She is holding your child over you to control you to stay with her. This is wrong. I don't know what country you are in, but if it is America this is not legal. Document everything she says and talk to a lawyer. Your child will be better off learning that it is not okay to stay in a relationship like this. Your child deserves to know the truth and to see at least one of the parents in a happy relationship filled with love.

You keep mentioning what happened to women who just wanted love? I don't understand why you are asking this. Yes, plenty of women out there dream of having husbands who love them as long as they also have support and security as well. You can love a woman all you want to, but if you do nothing to help out around the house and instead leave it all to her to do, and don't work to help financially support the family, well you aren't much use to her. A relationship cannot survive on love alone.

That's about all I've got for you advice-wise.
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My advice is to get a laywer find otu laws. Most stated you can't just pick up and move with a kid across the country. Find out the laws and let your wife know that.
Your too good for her. divorce her and more on to someone that appreciates you.
Free piggybank and your child is the collateral.

Others have said it, talk to a lawyer.
im no lazy man by no means i work 6 days aweek work at night so time day i get up clean the house wash. i make sure some food is cooked for her and my kid.. even when i do things if something didnt get done she raise hell i never let my kid c im not happy ill live in hell for my kid to be happy
You're not a martyr and never will be. Seek some help for your situation. A legal one and mental one.
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