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Traditional=bland sex life?

Mrs. C is so traditional she could be a woman plucked from the pages of the old testament and the only limitation she has in the bedroom is anal which I've never been interested in anyway. Oh, she won't swallow either but I get it.

Otherwise, she has been very open for adventure in the bedroom and we still have a very passionate and satisfying sex life 31 years in.

She also has always held the checkbook, paid the bills and managed most everything concerning our household.

She is the interior decorator and organizes where everything goes.

While the kids were still in school, she did all domestic chores inside and sometimes yard work when I or the boys couldn't get to it.

I only recently started cooking (last 8 years or so) and she still cleans everything.

She has occasionally worked if it didn't interfere with our family and even teamed up with me for four years after the boys moved out.

We honestly aren't independent of each other at all.

We are a male and female, complimentary team.

I'm not sure what traditional might mean for others but we have as close to a biblical marriage as is possible and biblical women were sometimes both land and business owners as well as wives.(Proverbs 31).

Powerful, accomplished, capable and sexy women can still be traditional in this barbarian's view.

I'm actually attracted to capable women.
Love this!

I have a similar marriage with my husband. He sees how hard I work at home to keep everything functional and beautiful. He has his job and I have mine.
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