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Which would you prefer?

  • Independent!

    Votes: 18 38.3%
  • Traditional!

    Votes: 29 61.7%
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When people generally say "traditional" woman, I think to myself that they mean a stereotypical traditional woman that perhaps June Cleaver was. Stereotypical 1950's housewife.

I guess an independent woman is a stereotypical woman opposite of the stereotypical housewife.

A nice respectable lady, and a boss woman..

Someone who knows how to act in public.

Preferably one who doesn't drink at all..or has a drink very very seldom.

No one that brings me drama.

Someone that doesn't jump on the trend of "dehumanizing" men.

Independent lady who works outside the home primarily and occasionally in the home.

A good communicator, and listener.

Someone who doesn't blame me and all men for their problems or for life not working out in their favor.

Someone who is about her business, and knows her worth. who doesn't see me as a cash cow.

Who will actually contribute financially, and take me out on dates and pamper me sometimes.

Someone that puts in down in the bedroom, but can do alot..from changing a tire to installing drywall.

A woman with range.

A nice round plump rump would be lovely.
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