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Thought we had a good marriage

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Wife in past (decades) has often taken off somewhere saying: "I will be gone for a few hours." and shows up 8 hours later.
Often travelled for business and: "I call after work winds down." - and don't hear from her till next day - often late afternoon.

Today she meets a man - sort of a friend - widower of her best friend of 20 years - and meets him to take him to medical facility as he was getting drugged and needed a driver.

Well she left around 10 AM - Thursday. It is now 12:20 or so Friday and she has not called or texted what she is doing.

I am not Ok with this and life is going to get messy when/if she shows up home again.

Suggestions on how to interpret her behavior and what I should do appreciated. Don't spare the 2.x 4s.

- sigh
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It's easy. Get everything in order and make sure she gets served while she is "serving" someone else.
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