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It's probably dysfunctional because I don't want to block him.

The dating landscape is a horrible wasteland. It's the equivalent of Squid Games. I do not want to go back there. Knowing that there is someone that isn't involved n the wasteland and is willing to give me what I want, even if temporarily, is too much for me to pass up.

It would be so much easier if Pogo would just move on. It would make accepting my situation so much easier.

I have had people tell me that you attract what you put out into the universe but what if that's all baloney? What if it's all luck and circumstance?
Hi Lila, I’ve been reading and I want to say I don’t think you realize what you are actually putting out into the universe. If you look back at your own words and attitudes it’s all negative. As for the new guy, I see a lot of assumptions and speculations made by all but you never expressed yourself about how you feel about the pictures. Everything seemed great prior to this. Don’t you think a conversation about it can and should he had before you bail. You may still decide not to date him but at this point neither one of you are understanding each other or talking about what’s bothering you. At least have the convo - share your thoughts, feelings and listen to his before making a decision.
1361 - 1363 of 1363 Posts