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I feel like I'm in a daze, my mind is working on overdrive. When my husband and I were together exclusively and engaged. I found out several months into my marriage that he had cheated on me.
1. He was in constant communication with his ex fiance even two days before we officially tied the knot. He was telling her he wanted to kill himself.

2. From what I was told he was seeing other girls. His roommate said he took a girl out then me that same day. This was on one occasion. That he (his roommate knew about).

3. He had went to Las Vegas 3 weeks before our marriage for work and I found messages between him and a prostitute. I don't know how many prostitutes he saw or who he was in contact with.

This happened last year and we married last year in December. I found all this out this year in April. He and his ex were still in contact as of march 30th and she didn't even know he was married. In april I was 2 months pregnant. So as you can guess I was so devastated and broken. Here I am thinking my husband loved me and it was all a lie. I hated him after this and I thought I could work past all this but its been several months and everytime he tells me he's sorry. I don't believe him. I feel like I'm just waiting for him to do it again.

He told me when I found out and I'll just sum it up. To get over it, it was his past it meant nothing. He threatened to kill himself and even called his mom. In which she told me the same thing and to focus on our baby that the past is the past. I won't lie ever since that day I resent him. My hatred for him grows as the days go. I feel trapped even the good days remind me of my confinement. To his defense hes tried to change and hes a great father to our now 3 week old but I feel miserable and unhappy.

Do cheaters ever really change? I feel like the man I thought I married was a lie. I feel I'm stuck with an imposter a shallow vessel of the man I once loved so deeply.
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