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To answer some ?s:
1. Yes, he leaves his phone out in the open.
2. Yes, he gets irritated when I ask him if he's been unfaithful to me, saying he would ''never hurt me''
3. He hasn't changed his personality much or gone out much without me. He goes out a lot whenever I'm gone though.

I guess I don't know what to look for or even how to approach it. Condom wrappers don't just appear out of nowhere. :confused::scratchhead:
1. Doesnt matter. My wife always left her phone out in the open even though she had was texting the OM.
2. My wife would get irritated too. This means nothing. He's obviously not going to tell you if he is cheating.
3. This isnt proof of anything but it is so much easier to cheat when you are gone.

As far as the brand of condoms, I dont think there is a man alive who is going to turn down sex because the condom is a certain brand.

I would certainly say be on the lookout. Possibly put a voice recorder in the car, look at your cell phone bills for numbers that he texts/call a lot that you dont know. Time to do some investigating because it sure sounds like hes cheating on you.
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