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Hey Everyone,

So after a couple weeks, I finally laid the cards out on the table. As you have noticed in the previous "right time for marriage" thread, I had to right some wrongs in my life before I could give that to her. So I sent her an email saying how I've done all these things ( paying off debts and stuff ) and that I auctioned off the bulk of my memorabelia collection and put it in a money market account to give us a good start one day.

She responded pretty quickly saying that she would really think about it. She said that its a lot to digest and that she wasnt going to promise me anything or give me false hope...but that she would really think about it. I guess thats better than a flat out no. I wasnt giving her an ultimatum or asking for a yes or no answer, I just asked that she give 'me' a chance and if things improve maybe we could think about 'us' in the future. I know I had a lot of soul searching to do, if I honestly couldnt believe I was the man who could provide for her, protect her and give her the best life she could have...i wouldnt have made the move. In the past, she always said she knew I was the one she was going to marry and wanted me to marry her one day....her family always said that too. I took those words to heart and made some sacrifices along the way just to make things better for her and for myself. She said that she might not get back to me right away but that she is going to really give it serious thought. So what does anyone here think? I'm not 'reaching' for anything...but at this point I figured that she had an opportunity to just say no right there?

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