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I have no idea why you want to save this, but here it goes:

1. You are doing the pick-me dance. It never works because it makes you look weak and pathetic. ("NO, NO, Please, Pick Me, Pick Me, Not Him!" Boo F'ing Hoo!!) Nothing less attractive to a woman. Stop it Right Now!!! Woman want strength, courage, power, & decisiveness. Not a beggar!

2. You came here full of excuses for her expecting us to give you Jedi Mind Tricks to make her come back. It ain't going to happen.

3. You want your wife back? Stop wimping out. You have to be willing to lose her to keep her. She has to believe this or you are toast.

4. Separation means "I want to screw somebody else without you being around to mess up my fun." Period. Double Period! Yeah, she wanted space. Space away from you to get somebody else in there.

5. I just erased my comments about the abortion. Not worth getting banned.

6. Dude, in your mind, flirting is equal in inappropriateness to her adultery? Really?

7. Divorce now. Watch her actions. You have till the last day to call it off. Even then you can reconcile after. She has to put up now or else.

8. STD exams for both of you now! She has been playing the harlot, harlots have nasty things.

9. No more sex with her. A judge will see that as forgiveness.

10. The only people who survive these things reasonably healthy are strong, decisive, and courageous. So far, you got nothin' going' for you. You have to start practicing the 180. You need to stop sitting around and waiting for her to see the error of her ways is hopium. Go Big Or Go Home!
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