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She wants out..I don't

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First Thks for the replies that come back...
Now on to it...need a little help here ladies...been married for 16yrs to a beautiful woman, 3 kids nice home but she said something is missing..passion.....Her background is in the beauty industry(Hair artist)...travels a bit to educate other salons on products and such, doesn't bring in a lot of money but she really like it for the attention she can get where other say how good look'n she is(42 yrs young I'm the same age)...She started look'n pretty close at her body after the last child(8 yrs ago) and convinced herself that she needed new breasts to feel good bout herself...I reassured that I thought she was fabulous...said she needed for herself, wasn't for me...seemed ok for a few yrs the she got the idea of gettn on stage to try out in a bikini compition for her 40th year..she worked out and dieted and was able to get up there and show herself off..I didn't think she needed to diet at all and others thought the same..I told her I was concerned of the dieting and didn't think it was healthy...again was for her and not anyone else...side note on gettn in front of people to teach and then even farther to pose in a bikini was that she was always shy and reserved and low self esteem so thoght this was great that she found some confidence....after the show and dieting she looks at her self again and sees the loose skin from having babies and HATES it...gets the idea of a tummy tuck and there is no talkn her out of it....she uses her credit card to pay for the surgury but few weeks after it done she sees that the result was not what she was we are at the point where she comes to me and say that she has been unhappy for a number of years and wants a seperation cause I don't make her feel special...I work long hours and at busy times I can admit I have'nt been there for her but always tried to make it up to her and kids...she says the passion is gone and can't understand why she doesn't love me....I knew she wasn't happy with something but NEVER thought it was this deep

She has no $$ to get into another house but said she needs time work on solution was to move down the road to my brothers house and have her a home to sort things out while I'm not here...this seems the best solution to make things less rocky for the kids....she sure don't seem to want to work on things and is trying to tell me I deserve better and should have someone who loves me as much as I love her....I want her and my family back, but an losing hope for things to work out....Concillor says she is not depresssed and that can't see how she manged to stay in the same house for this long...She took a weekend trip to Vegas with girlfriends where she was staying up for nearly 24hrs abd drinking till couldn't remember getting to hotel room with the girls...she doen't drink at home...I was very comcered and am very puzzled, heart broken...
could use some advise on the my name says...LOst guy Anyone???
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No disrespect, but your wife is too vain. I also understand how failed plastic surgery is devastating. She wants to be attractive to other men & is either having an affair or wants to launch one soon. She is ungrateful, spoiled by you & bored.

I hope you move back to the marital home & your children soon. Your children need their father, not be abandoned by him.

After you verify cheating or no cheating, time for marriage counseling.

I'm sorry about all of this.
Good luck with moving back home. Stay firm on this.

I still think the "you should have someone that loves you more" means an affair. If she cares so much about what you need, then she would not want a separation.

Please investigate.
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