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Anastasia, thank you!! And yes. But actually he said he was only confused and had things not said. So he then texted her (he showed me the texts) and he asked why she cheated, if that was only because she was gay, if he did anything wrong because he met someone he really likes and he doesn't wanna do the same mistakes, all that talks that they didn't have when they broke up. She told him that she only broke up with him because she was gay, but he was a great guy.
Then he said he realized he didn't want her, he only wanted answers and he said he imagined his life with her back and he didn't like what he felt, he felt like it wouldn't make any sense.
Then he sent me a text saying that he is certain that he wants to be with me.
I confess, we did meet yesterday but the both of us are doing quarantine hardcore so we aren't spreading disease.

I hope that was only that, I'm happy but I'm still cautious since it's the very beginning.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts