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So because I cheated I dont have the right to be mad? I'm not justifying anything. What I did was MY fault nobody elses. I'm doing everything I can to try and make it right. So am I suppose to let him get away with what he did all them years ago? I didnt even know for sure of anything he did until after what I did. I'm still trying to process it. But trying to do that people including my husband think I'm trying to justify my cheating and I'm not.

I'm hurting because of what I did and knowing how bad I hurt him. I'm hurting because he never gave two ****s about stepping out of our marriage years ago. I didnt get a chance back then to do or say anything because he lied for years. I'm trying to do that now because now I know? Does that make sense?
I am not saying that. What I am saying is that your post sounds entitled. I know you cannot see that yet.

Now, he cheated if you want to say this is a revenge affair then fine. It did not help anything did it.

I am not saying that you cannot be upset, you should be. But is am saying that cheating made your bad situation worse.

If you wanted to divorce him because he cheated that would have been the proper thing to do.

You both need to really deal with the infidelity, his and yours. Or you could just Divorce. You are both hurt, it is a lot of work to deal with this stuff.
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