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Reasons to stay in a marriage.

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A man said, he was once married to a woman he never loved and never wanted to spend the rest of his life with her but yet they had a good sex life, a peaceful life (no fighting) and a couple of children and were planning to have 4 more children. He said he was staying in the marriage just for the children, but then finally left her when the children were still very young and they split the children.

To me the story sounds weird. If he were staying just for the children, he would not leave her while the children were still young and need their mother. It looks like he was staying either for the good sex (previously he was married to a woman he loved but in an almost sexless marriage)or he loved her but too embarrassed to admit it.

What really are the reason for a man to stay in a marriage if it is not for love?
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? huh?

I'm not sure if you are talking about a hypothetical situation?

But yes, there are reasons for a man (or woman at that matter) to stay in a marriage & it not be for love.
Financial reasons.
The kids.
Family expectations.
Religious beliefs.
Social status.
Employment/job status reasons. (Usually political type jobs).


True, I would rather stay in a marriage because I still love my mate, but , yes, there are other reasons that some people stay in a marriage without romantic love.
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It's a true story, he claimed the reason for him to stay was for the kids, but since he finally left her while the kids are still very young (if it were really for the kids, he would stay with her till the kids are big enough), to me it looks like he didn't tell the truth, I suspect it was for the good sex or he loved her but too embarrassed to admit it for some reasons.
They were living in a country where it would not be easy to find someone new.
So why does that mean he lied?

Maybe he really meant it at the time. He maybe no longer loved his wife, but wanted to stay in the marriage for his kids.

Then, later down the road, they were not getting along well at all? If there was a bunch of fighting & yelling, then... again... it would be better for the kids if they split.

But, you are not telling a whole tale. THere is too much unknown.
For instance, he meant to stay with her for kids.. then years later found she cheated.... Or years later , he cheated... Or years later just got sick of her & wanted out...

You are giving no wiggle room for someone who may have very well meant what he said at the time.. that he wanted to stay in marriage for the kids.

Just because I hate to watch basketball... Don't hold me to never watching basketball again in my life. Who knows, maybe someday I'll come to love the game.

I'm just saying, people have been known to change their views/opinions on life matters.
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