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Question for older men: Why aren’t you attracted to older women the same way a younger guy is?

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I’m 35 years old and past my “prime years”. As a woman who’s getting older, I don’t feel attractive and desired by men. I think it’s normal since I don’t look 20 anymore.

The other day a college aged guy gave me a compliment on my hair. My hair wasn’t even all that great but I felt good, as it’s been long since I don’t receive compliments. There’s also another guy who is young. He’s the son of a female co worker and he hugs me when he says hi to me. It just seems that younger guys are more friendly than men around my age or older.

I’ve heard that young guys have fantasies about having sex with an older woman at least once in their lifetime. But why is it that older men don’t see women in their 30s, 40s and 50s attractive? Look, I get the whole biology thing. I know younger women are more attractive and fertile but I still don’t understand why an older woman is unnoticed.

Aren’t you attracted to maturity? We might not be a bombshell but we have our **** together at least. Also, a lot of 20 year olds still have baby faces and look like teens and I ask myself: “Why is a 40 year old attracted to a girl and not a woman?” I feel like older woman look more womanly and classy even in the way they dress. I know not all are attractive but the ones that stay fit and take care of themselves.

Men also complain that older women are bitter. I don’t think we become bitter on purpose and if you think about it, it makes sense that some of us become like that. Men get more attractive with age so they don’t have to worry about becoming undesirable like us. How can we be enthusiastic about dating and life in general if society and MEN put younger women on a pedestal all the time? Some people even think at 30 a woman is already “too old”. Can you imagine how ****ty that is to a woman?

And last but not least, older women are more confident in bed, yet it still doesn’t do it for men. Only the younger men fantasize about older women while older men don’t look at us that much. Can you explain me why?? I just wish we were appreciated more by men our age or older.
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35 years old? You are absolutely not an “older“ woman. Any red blooded male who is looking to date or have a little fun would gladly be in the presence of a well appointed 35-year-old woman.
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Here’s another truth. We all know that men are visual. If you’re hot, you’re hot. 19-99 does not matter.

I can say this, however. There was a gal at our church that spent seven years single after her husband passed away. She worked out every day, kept herself in great shape, always was/is a beautiful gal, and I noticed her assets while I was still faithfully married. This was when I was in my late 30’s to very early 40’s and she was in her mid to late 40’s. In fact, she was at my 40th bday party. My wife and her had gotten very close. I had always wondered why she wasn’t snatched up already.

When my wife passed away, she and I became close. We will celebrate 13 years married soon.

I was physically attracted to both of my wives before I ever knew their ages. Both of them have about 7 years on me, but that would not have mattered. They could have been younger and I would have still went for it.

Age meant nothing.
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As a widow who is not dating, this gives me hope.
My fear/concern for my wife is that I will wear out my welcome. Honestly, after 13 years and now in our 50’s and 60’s, I still can’t get enough of her.

You will be found. Someone is going to meet you, stop in his tracks, and be amazed by you in the first 30 seconds. Be ready.
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