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Please help me on what to do

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married with 3 kids.

I take medication for ADHD and anxiety that ADHD medication causes.
last week wife and I planned dinner and movie with friends for my graduation. well, found out none of them made reservation like they told us and showed 2 hours late plus 2 hours waiting for table. I purchased already tickets and end not going.

I was so mad that I screamed and cursed at all of them. it was not the first time that they show up late. ( they friends of the wife and husband is an attorny)
so we ended having dinner anyway. after we got home the next day wife and I got into argument. and wanted either one of us to leave the house. i told her im not leaving my family. after parents calmed us down.
she said she already talked to an attorny and he told her that if divorce happens she could end up taking everything and big child support since she never worked since we had childrens.

and is accusing me that the medication im taking is causing me to angry and mad and that i need to see a doctor and stop it all together.

today on text message while texting she said if i dont make doctor appointment next week she will have bad thoughts. i called to ask about bad thoughts and she said " well 5 years ago you threatned to kill us if I take the kids and leave"'... which that never happened.

any feedback Please.
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Call a doctor about your anger. Being upset about your friends is one thing, it's not acceptable to scream at anyone as an adult.
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