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His first attempt was at hotel in another state. I called the manager and had him check on him in the room, but he felt like my husband was just drunk and needed to sleep it off. The second time was also after a long night of drinking where I went to pick him up from the bar. I called 911 and an ambulance took him to a hospital where they kept him overnight. That is when they diagnosed him with substance induced mood disorder. The only people who know about this are his parents and mine.

He did go to a therapist last year, but stopped after the first 1-2 sessions. His depression is always the worst from around October-May,
Do live where there is not a lot of sunlight from Oct - May? Some people get depressed during the fall/winter because of that. There is light therapy that can help with this.

So there is a record of him being hospitalized for an attempted suicide. In the future, if he does this again, be sure to call 911 to get it on record.

It's not safe for a child to be in the care of someone who is suicidal. This can help you with reducing the amount of time your daughter would spend with him if you divorce him.

When I divorced my son's father, he was trying to get 100% custody. As he told the judge, he's a doctor and I'm just a lowly engineer so clearly he should have custody. Our son was 7. His father had was never involved in his school and other activities and basically left everything up to me. Additionally, he picked on our son constantly and was mean to him. Through my lawyer, I asked for a custody evaluation. The judge had us each provide the names of someone to do the evaluation and the judge picked on. I suggested an organization named "Fathers and Family". They are a father's rights organization. I had interviewed several organizations and I liked their approach the best. My goal was to get a fair evaluation. This is who the judge choose from our suggestions. They did a great job. They a team of two, one male and one female phycologists do the evaluation. They were very thorough. In the end they said that my son's father had a very bad relationship my son. They suggested that he get no more than 30% custody and that my ex had to do joint counseling with my son until they felt that the relationship had improved. It took my ex 2 years to get more time with my son.

Getting a custody evaluation is a very good idea because you have a 3rd party really look at the issues. It's not just a judge making a decision based on little to no info.
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