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Thanks for welcoming me to TAM.

I´m from the south cone of South America and English is not my first language.
So I ask for your kind tolerance on my errors on wording and sintaxis.

I´m a 68 years old man.
My field of work is mainly IT.

I divorced 18 years ago, after a long marriage.
Had, later, two significative relationships. The last one ended three years ago.
Those experiences, my doubts and reflections will be, at it´s time, the matter of my personal main posts.

I´m the proud father of three grown up daughters, and I have a baby grandaughter. My sunshines.
I´ve rised my daughters as a "single father" and one of them is my adoptive girl.

Besides my other interests, I´m deeply interested in the emotions and dynamics of couples. All of them, specially the long term ones.

My salutations to all of you.

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