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New here with question

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A little back ground, we've been married for a little over 36 years, two kids both married and one granddaughter. We are happy for the most part with just the normal struggles of life. I'm sure there are hings she wishes she could change about me but when asked she says "nothing really". As for me the one thing I'd like to change with her is our having sex more than one time a week and most of the time only last 30 minutes to an hour. Obliviously my sex drive is a lot higher than hers, we've had lots of discussions about the differences in our needs. She'll sometimes agree to try and have more, that'll happen a couple of times but always goes back to the norm. She'll even offer to do oral to help tide me over but again will do it a few times then back to the norm. Sometimes I feel like I'm going explode from the lack of.

Any suggestions, and are any of you in the same "boat", if so how do you handle it?

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36 years, puts you around mid to late 50's?

You're getting 30-60 minutes of sex once a week including oral in between after 36 years?

You should be thanking your lucky stars my friend.
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Keep reading here and the sex forum. You'll see that there are both men and women in the same boat as you are. Some have had success turning this around and the rest of us just keep muddling through.

Myself, I've been married 27 years, 3 kids. My biggest complaint is frequency. As of now, we have had sex once in the last month. Other times it's more frequent but the average never really goes past once every week or so.

We did the counseling route, read the books and talked til the cows came home and things got better.....for a while

IU know I can get flamed for this but other than that she's a great person and great mom. She does take care of me but I now equate it to the way a mother would take care of a child (except for the occasional sex! :))

How do you cope? Personally, it does get easier with time. Develop outside interests. Rekindle old friendships. deveolp or re-start hobbies. Do what YOU want to do.
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