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Well, you have gone over board it sounds like. That’s called the pick me dance and it has never been successful for anyone here.

If I am understanding you, it sounds like you are doing much more than her around the house. This makes you look like the butler, maid, and cook. That’s not attractive either.

Did you read any of the books?
I have read a number of books and continuously order more.

She helps. For example, I was out with buddies on Friday so she did the laundry.

Last night, I was meal prepping for the week and she came and helped me make the rice, and showed me some other things.

So our roles haven't switched, if that makes sense.

I've just been more proactive.

Edit: I try to walk a line of doing these things without it being to impress her. I do it for myself and I show that I am also going to go out and have fun on my own.
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