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Oh my goodness.

I cannot believe that he even tries to justify this friendship. If it was a male friend it would be beyond inappropriate, so just because she has a vagina you are supposed to turn a blind eye to his bad decisions and putting a friend above your marriage.

It is a total cop out to say if you have concerns that you would be insecure or jealous. And they would be normal emotions to have any way.

Your husband leaves you, his pregnant wife, for days at a time to stay with a pushy, bossy rude 'friend' who uses him when her own spouse is gone for comfort etc.

Either you come first or she does.

Also no man or woman bends over back wards for someone they have no extreme emotional ties to or no sexual attraction. it's either one or the other or both. Those are supposed to be reserved for you now, not her.

BTW, why aren't you spending the weekend there with him?

Tell him his actions are making you lose respect for him as a man. Areal man has good boundaries with friends and puts his family first, and he doesn't have to be pressured into it, he knows where he stands and he takes his priorities seriously.
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