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I've been married for almost 2 years and I'm in my mid-twenties. My wife is a year younger than I. Neither of us was very experienced in relationships when we met (she was my first real relationship). We were together for over a year before we got married. We don't have any kids at this point.

One of my problems is that my wife doesn't ever (E V E R) issue a greeting before she starts talking to me. No "Supermayo, can you come here," "Honey, let's talk about this," or "Sweetums, can you please get me a Snapple?" Never. It seems like a stupid thing to complain about, but it seriously makes me question her love for me. A person's name being said by someone is one of the sweetest sounds in the world; any salesman will tell you that. I have a pet name for her and use it frequently, but she never reciprocates.

We've talked about this more than once. She'll start "referring to me" for a couple days, then goes back to omitting the important first word of a sentence.

I feel like it's driving me crazy (MAD, I tell you!). Like she's trying to do it to make me bonkers (along the same vein as if she would pronounce a word incorrectly and pretend to not notice, just to be funny). I don't think she actually does it on purpose, but never hearing my name from her makes me incredibly sad.

It sounds like a stupid little qualm to complain about, but try it with your spouse for a week to see how it feels. It feels like crap.

Anyone else have this problem?
Did she previously call you by your name when you were dating and then suddenly let it go when you got married?

Everyone seems to have my name so it's always caused more confusion than honor. Just recently at the doc's office they called my name and I went and then was sent back to the waiting room because they had the wrong "Michele". They figured this out when I was asked by the nurse to pee in a cup and I asked if that was standard procedure. She told me it is if you have a bladder infection and I was like...well! I have a sore throat! Sheeeesh.

The closest I get to originality is that I have one l instead of 2. Seriously. I could care less if my husband uses my name and I'm not so sure he cares.

Besides what does she call you to get your attention? Have a kid, you'll get a title real quick. "Hun, get the diapers!", "Hun, I need the burp cloth!"

I don't know. To me it seems nit picky and freaky so I need more information as to when it started and why you think it started.
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