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Question: Was your husband this attached to his family when you two were dating? Did he give any indication that they were his priority ahead of you?

I'm thinking that you either realized he was like this and hoped it would change when you married, or he pulled a bait-and-switch.

There are consequences, whether you stand up for yourself or back down. Do you think your husband would threaten divorce if you really stood your ground?
He wasn’t close to his family at all. We lived together over a year and a half before we got married and we saw them every two or three months and while the relationship between my husband and his parents was tense, no one ever insulted or belittled me.

When the baby was born, they were at our home multiple times a week. So, imagine people who aren’t close with, hardly aquatinted even, coming into your life so often during a very private time (after birth recovery time and adjusting to parenthood) and not only that, but taking over with the baby and belittling us.

We see them once a month now and it’s for a couple hours. My husband said he was happy with this at first (I majorly scaled it back and put my foot down). Now he isn’t and he wants more time. When I say no, he tells me I have too many restrictions and I’m messing up his relationship with his family.

He will not visit them alone. He hardly calls them, except to arrange a time to see them.

I think they wanted access to the babies and he couldn’t say no.
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