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My husband of two years is not helping financially like he should !!

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My husband and I have been married for almost two years and For the last few months , my husband can’t seem to get it together with his finances . I am pretty much taking care of all the bills for the household . As of now , I pay the entire rent (2200.00) , car note(550.00) , car insurance(180.00) , cable(100.00) ,plus all the food and toiletries for the household , while he pays for Nothing .I even buy HIS tolietries like toothpaste and deodorant . Plus as of recently I had to pay for the car maintenance due to a broken water pump ..I paid 2000.00 dollars . He said he was going to help me with that but never did .

I’m getting frustrated because my husband doesn’t want to do better with his life . He currently drives for Lyft rideshare full time and Uber , but got fired from Uber due to customer complaints yet He complaines he doesn’t make that much money but I try to suggest other employment but he just shuts me down .

Whenever I try to suggest other employment , even give him business ideas to start his own business . He basiclaly tells me he will not work a normal 9to 5 , because it’s not “Gods purpose “ and he refuses to work a set work schedule and because I want to live this “lifestyle “ I must cover any household expenses because this is my choice and to add he goes on to say because I am not a fully obedient wife- meaning do every single thing he asks of me - he will not work a job to help me with the household bills . When I ask him what does he mean by “obdient “ he just goes on to say “I do not obey “ . And we should downsize and live in a cheap hotel in the area and has even suggested living in a sn RV and or car which Is impossible for me really because I work remotely .

In addition , He refuses to tell me how much money he makes , and/ or the bills he has to pay every month So I really have no idea , how much money he makes from Lyft and or the bills he pays on a monthly basis and or the reason for the issues with his finances .I don’t have access to his bank accounts / debit cards / credit cards and when I ask him he shuts Me down and refuses to show me any bank statements or pay check stubs . So I don’t really know if he’s lying about his finances .

One of my dreams is to buy a home , he basically told me he Is not sure if he can contribute to the mortgage every month because his money he makes from rideshare is not consistent …so to make sure when I do buy a home to make sure I can pay the mortgage on my own and without his help .

Our marriage is on its last leg standing . I didn’t sign up to basically take care of a grown -able bodied 42 year old man . I’ve down everything I can to be there for him yet when He’s not doing his part .all I am asking from him is to pay half the rent and pay a bill or two . Maybe buy some groceries every now and then . I know
I make more money than he does but I just think it’s just really unfair to put this financially burden on me . I don’t know what to do about this situation . Any advice .
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42 years old and doesn't have his finances together, this won't change.

Either accept it or divorce.
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