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My H is a prude!

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Okay to begin with, my H was a virgin when I married him. I've only had one partner before, so not like I've been around the block, but I have quite an imagination and I'm HD so sex is always on my mind :D

When we were engaged, he always joked about sex, would have phone sex with me, and would sext me all the time. It just seems there is a disconnect between how he talks about sex and how he actually behaves during sex (a lot of what I suggest makes me feel like a sl*t, like asking him to talk dirty to me, which he refuses to do)

1. I used to give him BJs, but then stopped when he never returned the favor. Is lacking experience an excuse for this? He finally did after 14 months of being married, when I explicitly told him why I stopped. (Also, I generally clean up before sex so I know odor isn't a problem)

2. I really enjoy french kissing, whether its part of sex or not. He doesn't, and when we do kiss, it's not that great. Sometimes I really miss how my exbf and I would just spend like 5 minutes kissing in the car before we went out. It didn't have to lead to sex, it was more of a de-stressor for the both of us. Do other people french kiss for the sake of kissing? Are there people out there who don't like french kissing?

3. Even in the begging of the relationship, when we were both super horny, he'd look at me funny when I wanted to go for round 2. It just never happens.

So the question is for those of you who married virgins, what's your experience been? Is my H just repressed?
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My H was also a virgin when we got married. He has NO imagination in bed and won't give me oral. He thinks it's gross. I also am very clean down there. I've had oral before and didn't really care for it so luckily it's not a big issue for me.

Sex has been the big issue for my H and I. I thought guys came wired to know how to do it, but i guess not. He watched a lot of porn (and not sex porn but just looking at naked girls) and got pretty comfortable doing whatever was easiest and sex was too much work for him. It took us forever to get through it but I think we are finally resolving our sex issues.
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