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MSPY help

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i have installed MSPY on my wifes phone with her knowledge. Most of the features work except the social media apps such as facebook messanger, instagram, snap, whatsap etc. i can see the activity in the keylogger, her texts, emails, apps, clock and alarms, calls etc but my expectation was i would see the actual messages in the various social media folders such as messanger. any help with this would be appreciated.

both android phones.
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That’s all just **** excuses, based on fear, and you know it.
it's actually not. it was a well thought out question. i can give advice based on my level of experience. i have experienced long term marriage, kids involved, jt financial situation, a wife that may have some mental health issues, and multiple infidelities that were ended and hid. i have not experienced recovery yet. i believe that its is honest to ask those that are giving the advice to ask about their experience. feel free to disagree but i'm certain of it. if i choose to stay on this forum, which is likely, then i will approach those that are in trauma from the same space.

i am in fear, definately. but that was not the basis for my question.
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although i wasnt asking for this i appreciate your post tremendously. i chose the app, its a very popular parental app that should do what i want it to do.

she spends almost no time in her car so a var wouldn't do much. she has a 3 minute commute. i don't believe there is a 2nd phone, i've seen zero evidence of sly phone or cheat behavior in any way since 9/25/21.

we have had location tracking for the family since 9/25/21 and that includes our kids. she doesn't go anywhere she's not said she would.

i guess my quest to track her phone is another sign i am looking for some control over my situation. i knew there was more to her story back in 9/21 and it's now come out. i've gotten a detailed timeline and we will have a polygragh done in the next few weeks. i've called around and am close to making a choice on which service to use. none of this means i will reconcile or sep/divorce but i guess i'll have some techinical basis (along with my gut) to see how i can move forward. lots of counseling in our future but not together.
Have you looked at the cell phone bill to see if she is making or receiving calls from unknown numbers? Same for texts? That will tell you if a VAR is likely to be beneficial, although there are some apps where you can make phone calls directly from the app.

Anyway, many cheaters think of their car as a "safe space" where they can talk on the phone in privacy. I would install the VAR anyway just to see, she might be dodging out during her lunch to talk on the phone, or sitting in the parking lot when she arrives at work to finish a phone call. Worth checking out imo.
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There are a wide range of apps and services that allow you to make phone calls without using your carrier. Facebook, Telegram, etc. Those calls will not show on up phone records.
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No. If you are at the point where you need a lie detector, don't waste the money. Polygraphs are not as reliable as you think. If you have so little trust just get divorced.
Polygraph tests an be useful if the cheater believes they will catch them in their lies, which can lead to suspicious attempts to evade taking it or a confession, and I think they are worth at least requesting in case that's the case. They are not, however, entirely reliable so you can never be entirely certain the results are accurate. In other words, asking a suspected cheater to take on may be useful in assessing their reaction to being asked or to try to get a confession, but they can't force or guarantee the truth. If the wife offered to take one, it could be her grasping at being believed or it could be because she believes she can evade it, which depends on how crafty she is.
One point to add about the wife requesting that she be monitored. Is part of the reason for that that the wife doesn't trust herself and is trying to add restraints to herself to keep her from straying again?
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Patrick, sorry this happened to you.

10 days post DDay (#2), this is all very raw. 23 years is a long marriage, it is unfortunate that your wife ended it with physical affairs. Yes, you read that right, your marriage has already ended, you just haven't accepted it.

It is hard, I get it...but you have to take a step back, breathe, and think about what advice you would give a friend who is in this situation.... you would tell the friend, you absolutely can not accept this.

You need to let go a little, who cares about the software right now, you already know that the worst that could happen, has happened.... focus on yourself, healing. If you were to decide to forgive, a long time from now, it would be based on her work and heavy lifting.

If she wants you to see what she is doing, let her figure out the monitoring, or she just can't use apps that the monitor doesn't pickup. You don't need to be doing any work here.
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