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Some things have happened in the year or so after SunCMars, his friends, his HeadMates and some crew members from the Fifth Dimension left for ‘God knows where’.

They are many, many thousands of light years from Earth.

To places that have no name.

Well, they did not at first, now they do. The crew carefully plotted each place they went to and gave each area and star system and any planets, ‘names’.


If anyone, any ‘permanent’ society in the future actually captures this data I would be surprised.
Permanent is a dream. If Earth were destroyed would anyone in the future know of its existence? I can safely say, yes.

All of this, your life on Earth, all the past and present is recorded in the Collective Consciousness. Life in other parts of the Universe is also documented precisely.

Now, you know.

[The Helmsman]-

Chapter One​

One of SunCMars’s friends was forcibly returned to Earth.

Under protest from SunC and all of the others, Harken O’Ryan was taken off the ship and was put in chains and brought back to Earth.

This was done at the behest and under the watchful eye of [[[[The Fist]]]]. There was nothing that the others, or myself could do or say to save their friend.

There was no reason given. Even to me, mind you.

I told them that Harken, aka, The Rooster, is to return to Earth immediately. When asked, I told them I had no idea why this was so, but that we are were all obliged to comply.

The Rooster resisted arrest and was shackled by me. I personally made the trip and took him into custody.

Naturally, no one dared to interfere, at least not physically. They did make verbal protests. Who could blame them?

I piloted a small craft that would return him to Earth in mere days.

I needed no space ship to travel, but a human needed a specially crafted container to keep him/her safe.
It needed an atmosphere identical to Earths and the gravity on the ship was very close to what was there, also.

The space ship was sixteen meters long and the hull was six meters wide. It had fold-in fuselage wings and a tail section that would be extended and used only when entering atmospheres.
In space, they were not needed and were kept flush with the hull.

It had an anti-gravity power plant, but that was only used ‘close in’. The actual inter-galactic propulsion is performed by a more advanced version of the ‘dimensional spanner’ power plant found on The Nautilus II. It too, expanded and contracted {forward} the matter that was the ship and its contents.

As mentioned, this taking away of Harken O’Ryan created quite a stir with the other members of the crew.

Only one person seemed happy that this was happening. It was The Red Queen.

Why? I have not a clue. That female lesser-greater goddess is impossible to predict.

She said nothing during the whole horrible ordeal. She just stood in the background and smiled.

She had the biggest grin on her face.
She looked just as beautiful as before.
She did not have any of her fancy dresses, nor did she wear much makeup.

When the gods made her, they used the best materials.
Her personality was not beautiful, though.

If I were a human I too would want to lay with her and hold her tight.

Lucky for me, I am not. I have no such inclinations or needs.

I allowed Rooster to say goodbye to his friends.

The Red Queen did not say goodbye. She disappeared at that time.
I presumed that she did not like the man and was glad to be rid of him.

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Chapter Two

‘Why are you doing this, why have you taken me from my friends?’ Harken wanted answers.

“I do not know”. I answered.
I do know that I must obey, The Number Two in Command, [[[[The Fist]]]].

“But, you must have some inkling, some idea, as to why?”
“Is that not true?” Harken O’Ryan kept pestering me for answers.

“I know not, but it will not be long before we both know the reason”

“I can say that no harm will likely befall you after you return”.

“My suspicions are that [[[[The Fist]]]] has some special need of you”.

“That is all I will say, anything else said would be speculation”.

Harken seemed somewhat satisfied with that answer. It made sense from a place of no sense.

It was an answer, one that he could play around with in his mind.

He was surprised that he was picked by [[[[The Fist]]]] and not anyone else.

He thought, Why not SunCMars?
Why not other Martians on Earth, or on Mars itself.
There are millions of others that could be chosen for some duty, why pick me?

Could it be that I am, in reality, Orion?
I had been told this by Queen Gaia. It is well known that Gaia hated the original Orion because he indiscriminately killed her animals.

He was a famous hunter. He met Ulysses for the first time in the Underworld where he was down there killing beasts. And so was Ulysses. They joined forces for a few weeks and wreaked havoc on Hades.
They became friends after that.

Am I that Orion?

And, if so, if I really am the reincarnation of Orion, am I finally going to be given my due?

Or, am I going to be punished, yet, once again?
Am I to be blinded again for my sins?

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Chapter Three

When we left ‘the place’ that held the Nautilus and its crew I realized that I never ventured to find out what they called it.
That was short sighted of me. I am partially narrating this Tale and I do not have all the facts that a good writer should learn and retain and capture in print.

And yes, another error that I made.
Our ship, this ship, it remains an unknown ship, one that I had not named. Shame on me.

I am not the sentimental type, yet the ones who read these words surely are….that.

I should name this craft. For posterity sake.
It should be an appropriate name.
Yes, it should.

When we approached The Star of Earth, I noticed a glow coming from the back of the ship.
It was an eerie light, almost red.

I walked to the back of the ship, going through two open locks.
I am rather tall, so I had to bend my head some to pass through, un-clunked.

I could see that the light came, radiated, from behind our galaxy drive unit, the Dimensional Spanner drive.

I stepped around it and looked behind it to find to my utter-most surprise…..

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Chapter Four

Behind the engine was The Red Queen. She was crouched down.

When she saw me she stood as tall as a tall woman could muster.

With her back over-straight, she pulled back her head, lifted high her large breasts and just glared at me.

We looked at each other for at least thirty seconds.
She watched my every movement.
I only watched here eyes.

“You cannot be here, you must be returned”. I was very firm in my demand.

I told her in simple terms that she cannot be brought back too Earth.
She knows too much.

“My mandate was to bring back Harken O’Ryan, not the both of you".
"Damn you, you are a stow-away, once again”.

“This cannot be tolerated”.

She boldly answered, “I am The Red Queen, I am my own creator, I need you not.

“You are some God of someone else, not to me”.

“Give me your arms, I will now bind you. I do not wish to harm you, but harm you I will if you do not do as I COMMAND”.

“I give my arms to no one, to no man, to no being or to no God”.

Her eyes lit up a fierce red. The whole of the inside of the space ship lit up as if it were on fire.

I stepped forward and grabbed her arms. That was almost the biggest mistake of my existence.

She had the strength of lesser-greater gods and goddesses. Tremendous physical strength.

She did not have anywhere near the strength that I possessed.
Not anywhere near.
Not even close.

But, she had enough strength to tear this space craft to bits in mid-space, with a most powerful vacuum just outside, just wanting to steal our air.

I did not need air, I suspect she did. I know my passenger, Harken O’Ryan needed the air.
He would die if she tore the ship up in her struggle with Me.

I was out maneuvered.

She knew I could do nothing to her while in space.
I had to land the craft without any more challenging by me, of her.

She would pay for this insolence, she would pay dearly.

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Chapter Five

For the rest of the journey TRQ remained in the cockpit of the space craft.
She attended to Harken, who was still in rear-placed handcuffs and leg irons.

He was seated and buckled into one of the tall backed seats.
She gave him water, she combed his thick, straight red hair, straight up, in Mohawk style and laughed. She kept kissing him on the cheek.

She asked him if he needed to use the urinal. She offered to help him.

I kid you not!

Oh, she had the strength to break his handcuffs and leg chains. I had to watch her.

It was all I could do, not to scream at her.

No one has ever dared to disobey me.
She was deliberately goading me.
She was a genius at this.

As we saw Earth, everyone, myself included, felt a lump in our throats.

Yes, I have a throat. I can form-shift my appearance into any shape with ease. I am a spirit who can change into any matter, at will.

When in human form, my emotions have an outlet for expression.
The throat, the face, the heart all allow these feelings to ‘materialize’.
Ah, what a perfect word!

No, not my genitals. I have none. I have need for none. I am not a sexual being.
Thank you for thinking this.

I suppose going into the lower forms of existence causes me to go to the lower limbs of thought.

I am normally calm and placid. When I wear this human suit, I become as men, their flaws seem endemic to this, their form. I am aware that the chemical structure of animals cause this reaction in my spirit.

When you crawl in mud, you dirty yourself.
This is not meant to be a derogatory statement, it is just an observation.

I now crawl in human skin. Ah, I suppose I am being derogatory.

Forgive me, Father.

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Chapter Six

I needed to land this spacecraft on some part of the Earth shrouded in darkness.

I was not going to land in any developed country that had sophisticated radar arrays.

Yes, the space craft would show up on radar but having no transponder it would not be visible on international air traffic controller screens.

The engines on the craft have no rocket bloom. They are invisible to the naked eye.

I will come in tail first and then roll forward and glide down. I will be seeking some flat plain.

At the last minute I would slow my forward speed with reverse Ion Thrusters.

This ship is rather silent. It does emit a distinct mild whistle. That is what I have been told.
One cannot hear anything from within the ship.
Well, we can hear the air running over the fuselage.
That is a mere rustle, not much more.
And the engines do hum as they consume power.

I will do a passover any spot that looks promising.

We have powerful infrared spot lights and infrared cameras for seeing in the dark.
Most living creatures cannot see this light spectrum. Some beasts from Hades can, so can any military personnel with infrared equipment.
True Martians can readily see this red light.

Most aliens use Madagascar for flight landings. It is in the sunlight at the moment.

I am now thinking about landing in Borneo. This will be my first choice. I have visited this area a number of times.
Borneo is a rather new and desired home for Leprechauns, this, due to its extensive cave networks. They have lived there now for about fifty years.

I am very familiar with one colony, and luckily it can be accessed by STOL airplanes.
Or by certain space ships that can fly in atmospheres. My landing gear is very rugged, the wheels are very large, perfect for landing in rougher terrain.
This particular airship can slow down to twenty five knots and still remain airborne.

All I need is about 100 meters of rather flat land to complete a landing.
One, with no big rocks or trees!
That goes without saying!

The spot that we will landing at has about 500 meters of flat land. The far forward area in the takeoff zone is treeless.


While Leprechauns are not at all friendly to humans, at my direction, this clan will put up Harken for some little while.

I was told to bring him to Earth, undetected, and that [[[[The Fist]]]] would arrange for his EXFIL from that spot.

The colony is in a remote rocky spot surrounded by lush vegetation. It is somewhat east of the Betung Kerihumm National Forest.

Gosh, it is very warm there. That is to be expected for any place on Earth that straddles the Equator.

The area is on the island of Borneo, Indonesia, in the northern Central Kalimantan area. It is within a few miles of the Kapuas River, in a small hidden valley.
I have set up the instrumentation, and we will land there shortly. It is still night time in that part of the world.

This area is very remote and not visible on most radar systems.

I am now beginning my descent.

I hope the Australian military is not looking!

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Chapter Seven

While pitch black, my instruments took me to the exact spot and the ship landed itself.
I had my hands on the controls, but did not need to use them at all.

I opened the ramp and the heat hit us hard like a wet steam bath.

The noise from insects and amphibians and night animals was surprising loud.

We all got out. I released Harken from his handcuffs and told him to head north, about two hundred yards and wait for me to get back to him.

I told him that the redhead and I were going to come to terms.
He would not leave. He started to balk and to get lippy. WTH?
I then levitated him the necessary distance and dropped him on his wallet.

I faced the Queen and told her that this is her last chance to comply.
To comply or die.

She simply sniffed and said have at me, I am immortal. You are on my turf now. I call the shots here.

“Look here Circes, I have it in me to kill you outright. There will be no coming back after I kill you and then fire your body into the Sun”.

She blanched noticeably, knowing that I spoke the truth.

“You may very well kill me, but I will never surrender to such a pudz as you”.

She then leaped at me, lightning fast and landed two very hard blows to my head.

She then backed up and tossed fireball after fireball at me.

I deflected all of them and shot them back at her, knocking her down. Her clothes burst into flames.

She levitated straight up at lightning speed all while sending a huge ball of fire down at me.

It burned off my hair and it blinded me to where she went.

Then she trilled.

She trill-screamed so loud the ground under me lifted up, knocking me down.

This trill was heard everywhere on Earth.
In Hades.
In Mt. Olympus.
On Mars.
In Hades, one floor down from the main. Where all the Martian heroes went after death.
It was heard in Ireland, by Hecate.
It was heard by one special four-legged beast.

There was no mistaking from where this trill came from.
No mistaking. No!

They knew the Red Queen had loosed every bit of her power and had her back to the ropes.
They were rapt.

Who on Earth could, would dare threaten her in such this manner?
This, for sure was her Death Cry.

I flew after her, grabbing her around her neck and began to choke the life from her.

We both came back down to the jungle floor. I squeezed and I squeezed until there was no life in her.

She was finished.
She was gone.
She was pitifully small now that all life has left her.

I will now fly to the Sun and eject her into its million degree furnace.

The Red Queen is dead.

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Chapter Eight

I picked up the tall red beauties body and started to carry it to the spaceship. She weighed roughly one hundred sixty five pounds. It was all muscle and boob weight. She was a fat-free Grade-A pure Queen.

Was, what a shame.

All her clothes had been burned from her. Her long red hair was badly singed.

In her life she had killed many thousands of others, mostly in wars and small spats.
She had gotten away from indiscriminate killing.
There was a period in her life where she killed others for no logical reason; just because she did not like you.

This trip had changed her for the better.

Ah, it matters not at this point.

I need to shed this human body, I am becoming sentimental.
I cannot afford these thoughts.

The Good Order of Things requires steady hands.

She will never come back. I will see to that. Her kind are dinosaurs, a pox on life, on mankind.

If I had my way, the whole of the Underworld would come to pass.
They serve no useful purpose.
At one time they helped keep the human population in check.

Not anymore.

They ever abet, they keep the evil in human society alive and thriving. Those, these men and beasts are parasites to the good that is in men and women.

It is immortals such as SunCMars (Ulysses) that attempt to keep them in check.

I believe that Harken O’Ryan (Orion) is going to be another addition to the beast killer ranks.
Queen Gaia has removed her ban, her execration on him. He is going to be resurrected as a good hunter of beasts.
That is my best guess.

Queen Gaia is the best example of what is good in the lesser-greater gods and goddesses.
There are others, for sure. Lucky for me, it is not my call on who gets to stay and who goes extinct.

[[[[[The Fist]]]] makes these decisions in consultation with God. I am the servant of both.

Oh, The Red Queen made her own fate.
I did not make or wish for her death.

Or, did I?

What have I done?

"Again I beseech Thou"
"Oh’ God, this human body is corrupting me!"

Just wearing their flesh suit changes the, my being within it.

The Mankind Archetype is so strong, the worn rewrites the wearer.

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Chapter Nine

Mabel Athey was scuba diving with a small group in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.
Today was the last day on this ‘LiveAboard’ venture.

This day, there were more than a few sharks swimming around. She had with her a bang stick and a long sharp knife.

The sea was full of black tipped and white tipped sharks. A few hammerheads were also seen.

But, the sharks were not interested in the divers, they were after smaller prey. Shark attacks are rare but do happen.

There was a pair of Wobbegong sharks laying on the bottom, taking a siesta.

Mabel’s dive partner swam off looking to capture some clown fish for his aquarium. He was having, not much luck with his bulky net! After hours of trying he managed to catch only two.

Another diver, one wearing a strange suit approached Mabel.

She looked into his mask and saw no face, no eyes.
Fearing it was a beast from Hades, she drew her knife.

She was suddenly over taken by some spell, and she found herself being taken to the surface by this swimmer.
She lost all control over her body.

When they reached the surface, the being spoke to her.

“Harken O’Ryan has been brought back to Earth for a mission”.
“You need to go home as soon as possible and wait for instructions”.

She looked clearly into the mask and saw the face of…

She felt her knife being replaced in its waist sheath.

The mysterious other diver dropped down below the surface and swam away.
HE was no longer mysterious.

When she slowly sank down, she saw a yellow tint in the water.
She apparently peed in the water when HE spoke to her.
She had lost control of all her bodily functions.

Though no one witnessed this, Mabel blushed, yet she felt no shame.

She just felt….hope.

This was no beast from Hades, no demon from Hell.

No, thank GOD.

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I began walking up the ramp of the spaceship when off in the distance I saw three figures, not a one, a King bearing gifts.

At the forefront was [[[[The Fist]]]], behind a huge hound, red in color.

At the last was Orion.

[[[[The Fist]]]] held up his right hand, it tightly closed into, get this, a fist.
A hand telling me to avast, to belay his meaning, that, to delay my departure.

I stood there at the ramps bottom, my rump tensed, I awaited HIS arrival. Their arrival.

Within some short time he was in earshot, ah, I was in HIS.
He beseech-ed this, "Let her body be, give her to MY care, do so NOW".

He stepped up the ramp and laid straight out his arms, so that I could transfer her dead body to HIM, the Second in Command to GOD, HIMSELF.

Not daring to question, I did HIS bidding and placed The Red Queens remains in HIS ARMS..

He looked at me and questioned me thus:

"Why did you kill her?"
"Under whose authority was this done?"

I looked down in shame, having no viable answer.

I took her life in anger, I allowed my human form to cloud my vision, allowed my feelings to overcome my duties to YOU and to GOD.

I seek no forgiveness, I deserve none such, this.

[[[[The Fist]]]] looked at me with a curious squint.

"We will talk, some on this later. Take this ship to Mars. Show them how to operate it and then get back to me, thereafter".

I bowed down low, and nodded my head. I did as he asked. Within some minutes I was on my way to Mars.

Unbeknownst to myself, this word was etched into the hull of the spaceship. It was now God-dubbed. Circes
This was the ships now proper name.

I am sure that this will create a right 'stir' on the planet Mars.

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Chapter Eleven

The ship took off silently. It was a magic marvel to me, as I have no science or engineering training.

I witnessed most of what went on from a distance. The two fought, THM and The Red Queen.

She should have known better than to battle with Number Three.

I cannot believe she is dead.

I actually started to like the Queen.

I have no real history with her, I only know her from this recent history, of our time together in space.

In my past lives, I heard rumors about this Red Queen but had never run across her. If I had, I am sure my opinion would be different.

All the others feared her, they did not trust her.

No one hated her, not even SunCMars. I was told that he laid down with her on our journey. I cannot confirm this.

I hope he wore a condom. No, no, not because she might have some STD, rather because he might have gotten her pregnant.

Yes, those are the legends surrounding these two.

I personally do not know that much about it. SunCMars will not discuss her. Not at all.

She was, by far, the most beautiful woman ever to walk the Earth.

Even when she first showed up on our journey.
This, even after she came out of the engine room.

She had hidden and lived in a storage locker and ate, gods knows what.

After finally revealing herself, she was covered in dirt and grease, her clothes were torn and tattered, yet she looked ravishing in a strange way.

Even in death she still holds her beauty.
She is now lying on the ground before us.

She is naked. All her clothes were burned off, her hair is half gone. It was singed away. She has soot marks everywhere on her body.

I am so saddened. Very much so.


-Harken O’Ryan

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Chapter Twelve

The whole of the world, this, our Earth, it so wonders what has happened.

Both Mt. Olympus and The Underworld have need of some knowledge. King Zeus and King Hades have already met and have counseled on this matter of The Red Queen.

As I write this, their staffs are still in meetings.

No one knows from where she trilled.

Ah, no one connected to those two kingdoms knows. The Leprechaun colonies on Borneo know where this happened.
How could they not?
They were at ground zero. Right?

The Leprechauns are very secretive and tribal.

They are xenophobic.

They do not mingle with ‘nearly’ anyone outside their bloodline.

Mankind thinks of them as a cute myth, a funny bunch of happy little green outfitted men and woman. Little imps, little magic folks.

Mt. Olympus and Hades view them as pests. A group of beings that get in the way of business.

It is true, Leprechauns do interfere with lesser gods and lesser-greater gods and goddesses.

But, only when their paths cross, or when vile cruelty occurs.
They will sometimes interfere with those committing cruel acts.

Because they live in remote areas, they do not witness much of it. But, when they do, they often act.

Leprechauns are not violent, but can be very protective. They will not kill, but they can make their enemies suffer. And they can turn beasts into rabbits, or pigs or turtles or some other innocuous animal.

And yes, they do commit pranks. They have a twisted sense of humor. This is where and how the rumors about them came about.

Queen Gaia is their revered, God Mother. She is the only exception as to them liking any lesser-greater gods or goddesses.

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Chapter Thirteen

Harken O’Ryan is a lesser god at this point.

Any exalted fame that he had, was two and a half millennia or more ago, it was cut short by Queen Gaia and by Adonis.

He was then back-burnered.

In those early days, he angered powerful beings, and he has since paid the dearest price.

He was brought back some numerous times but was never told who he was, that he was Orion. He remained a minor player in the various and consecutive and nasty life plots devised by Zeus and others.

He has always been an enemy of King Hades.
And that was his calling-forth card.

Zeus needed a warrior to do and aid the battles with his main competitor, he who rules The Underworld.

Hades was a Saturnine, second in that blood line after Old Cronus, himself. He was most often met as a stark, cold and cranky man.
He has not an ounce of empathy in him.

Everything, to him, is calculable. Any passion he possessed was consumed in ice, or fire.
Nothing, it seems, in between.

He also has a violent temper.

Yes, it is a rare thing.

Usually it is brought on by SunCMars, or one of the other Martians that he has not yet been captured.

And, of late, Red Dog.

He fears that beast more than any other life form. I am not sure why.

Harken was just another pawn in the power struggle between these two kings. He is but a blip on these two kings radar. That may change. I am not sure.

It is my belief that Queen Gaia finally forgave Orion, due to his continual friendship with SunCMars, this Ulysses, reborn.

Queen Gaia loved Ulysses. She always has.

She now loves SunCMars, as he is the natural order of him when each time he returns to life.

Which, by the way is often. He gets killed rather quickly. He is not shy of doing any such battle.

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Chapter Fourteen

I stood and watched [[[[The Fist]]]] attend to The Red Queen.

HE brushed back her hair, he cleaned her up as best as he could.
HE took his time.
HE removed all of the burn marks and charring with a cloth that remained white.

I am astounded at his.

Her skin was burned black in a few places and now? It looked almost normal.

HE acted like a father that was looking after his injured daughter.

I do not understand this. If it were me I would be panicking in my attempt to save her, to do SOMETHING. Not HE.

Note: This BEING is in no way human. Nor is he THE GOD.
I think.

HE is wearing a white, full figured suit. It covers every bit of his, uh, um, body.

It covers everything except for his hands and feet and face.

HIS feet have white boots on them, his hands white gloves.
HE as a hood on and he is wearing sunglasses. Around the sunglasses is an odd sight. It shows through as some dark space with twinkling lights mixed in.

I believe the suit is a formality, to make his appearance presentable to humans.
Formality, yes, that is a word that The Typist I would use! It is very descriptive, for sure.

HE is a spirit, HIS SPIRIT completely fills out the suit.
That is my best guess.

HE is not even paying me any attention, which is rather odd.
If he had secrets you would think he would chase me away.
But HE doesn’t.

Nor, does he chase away Red Dog who also is looking on.
He too is sad.

Initially, he sniffed The Red Queen for at least two minutes before backing off and sitting on his haunches.

I wonder what he smelled.
All those wonderful odors that only a dog would appreciate.
I will leave this commentary there.
We have a beautiful creature lying dead before us.
I will not spoil the moment.

[[[[The Fist]]]] bent down and pressed his forehead area against that of The Red Queens.
He murmured some words that I cannot begin to fathom.

Some, I could not even syllabize.

HIS body was somewhat askew, somewhat in line with hers.

His head at the top of her head.

He remained bent down in this position for at least five minutes.
He rubbed her cheeks with his left hand.

He put his right hand on top of her heart, just under her right boob.
He pushed the breast up to place his hand directly over her heart.

He then placed his, uh, mouth area, over her mouth and you could hear him exhale.
His face area lit up bright.

We had to turn our eyes away as it blinded Red Dog and myself.

Shortly, you could see the pink color return to her body.

In a blinding flash, she had the white jumpsuit on and [[[[The Fist]]]] was gone!

He was no longer anywhere to be seen?

The Red Queen’s hair was back to normal, it was no longer half burned off and singed.

She started to stir, Red Dog motioned to me to back away.

He then sat down in front of her and blocked my presence from her eyesight.
She rubbed her eyes, opened them, and then she quickly sat straight up……..

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Chapter Fifteen

At seeing the huge red hound, The Red Queen leaped to her feet and then fell back down immediately. She was still very weak.

Harken stood up, “Hey, hey my friend, take it easy. You have been through a lot. Rest a minute, everything is just fine at the moment”.

“Harken, Oh, I am so glad to see you”.
"What has happened to me?"
"Why am I dressed like this?”

“Is this my burial shroud?”

“What is going on?”

“Is that Red Dog? Please don’t let him kill me!”

She had so many questions.

“Yes, yes, this is Red Dog, and no, he is not going to kill you.”

“Speaking of being killed, you took on [The Helmsman}. What a foolish thing you did”.

“He killed you outright, you know that right?”

“No, I remember very little. I remember catching on fire, after that it is all a blank”.
“If I was killed, why am I now alive, who dressed me in this silly outfit?
Why does it smell like, like, I don’t know? It has an odd smell to it”.

“Red Dog, smell the white suit, tell me what it smells like”.

The hound did not need to smell it. He knew what it smelled like.

He merely said, “It smells like GOD”.

“The dog talks, I had no idea that he could talk”.
“I am so confused”. The Red Queen was not herself.

No, she was not herself at all.
She seemed both weak and vulnerable.

Something was not right, not right at all.

What did {Number Two} do to her?

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Chapter Sixteen

Mabel Athey remembered her instructions from that mysterious diver. Inwardly, she knew who HE was.

She just did not want to admit that there were forces more superior to that of the lesser and the lesser-greater gods and goddesses.

She was one of these beings.
She was not a mortal human.
She was some ‘between’ state of living.

The diver told her to go home and wait.
He told her that Harken O’Ryan has returned from the journey that he left on.

And that they likely have some new mission to embark on.

Her heart raced.

She refused to go off into space with Harken.
He begged her to join him. They loved each other dearly.

She felt it would be her last doing.
Once her body left Earth she would be forgotten and would likely never return.
She had a gut feeling that she could not be reincarnated on Earth if her spirit was trillions of miles away.
She was not ready to face finality.

When Harken picked that other woman to go with him, that Mazee, she was beside herself.
She liked Mazee, she was a good woman, but now she would be making love to her man.
It did not set well with her.

Her rational intellect said that no man or lesser god should be without a woman until death meets him.
That would be so cruel and unfair.

Yes, she knew she spurned Harken, when she refused to join him.
But, that did not alleviate the pain, the guilt, the jealousy and yes, the anger that she felt.

Harken was her man.

She let him go for her own selfish wants, e.g., that of living over and over.
She knew that Harken would be with her only in this single life, there would be other lives and other men in her new and upcoming lives.
She did not want to lose that.
She imagined the two of them together.

Would he touch her and kiss her the way he did with her. When he entered her would it be just as satisfying for him?


She must get these thoughts out of her head.

He is back, Mazee is not.

She only hoped, she only prayed that he still found her desirable. And that he would forgive her for not joining her.

She had slept with only one man since he left.

It was so hard for her to be alone.
He was a traveling businessman and a lesser god himself.

She did like him, no, she did not love him.
He made her feel good, the sex was good.

She was not going to tell Harken that she found someone else while he was gone.
That she spent many nights and days together with him, that they made love so many times.

Unless, he asked.

She would not lie to him, but, she also would not voluntarily give out that information.
She did not want to lose him again.

She would tell her new lover that her old love has returned and that she is going back to him.
She would tell the new man that their relationship is over.

Her new lover is also a lesser god.
He knows how these things, these love relationships come and go.

Oh, she hopes he knows. She hopes he goes out peacefully and quietly.

Yeah, the man does have a temper, as he too, is a Martian.

She thought, “Oh, gods, let it be over peacefully.

I do not want two men fighting over me.
I can only love one man at a time.

"Two men trying to win me over, kissing me, and touching me intimately would not play well”.
"The guilt would eat me alive".

Some women would enjoy having two lovers, most would not.

Mabel could not stand the tension it would cause within her.

Her loyalty is with Harken.
She abandoned that loyalty once.
Never again.

She knew, yes, Harken, also laid with a woman.

But she left him. she gave him little choice.

No man or no woman should be expected to remain celibate.

Forever, mind you.

Sexual intimacy is the only real comfort given by God; as a gift to mankind.

It should not be ignored, nor sworn off.
It should not be squandered.

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Chapter Seventeen

That night King Alroy McIntyre came to fetch the young man that [[[[The Fist]]]] said needing putting up for a day or two.
The Leprechaun King had flaming red hair.
It long curly flowed down his back. From a distance, at his rear, one would think him a very thick short maiden, with a crown a short thick Queen.

Ah, what a mistake that would be when, after the fact, when seen from the front.
He had a thick red beard that rivaled the length of the hair mane, which he proudly, manly wore.

Harken was taking a leak in a Kill that was up pees creek to the river Kapuas. It was a feeder crick, creek, stream.

The others were napping under the shade made by the trees.

The sky could hardly be seen, so thick was the foliage, it spoiled the view, it soiled green one’s soles when tread upon.

Hey boy, don’t ya’ be pollutin’ me drinking water with yesterday’s swill that wants released today.

Harken saw the little man out of the corner of his eye.

He gave his cucumber a couple of shakes and put it back in his trousers.
He then rearranged his damp, stuck in the crotch shorts, and then slowly, very slowly zipped tight his fly.

A broken zipper is an invitation for flies and bugs and bad juju to jiggle-wiggle their way in.

“I am Harken O’Ryan, and you are?”

“Ah, it is good that you are a right fine Irish lad. Those are me favorite kind!”

“I am Alroy, King of the Borneo clans, every one of them.”

“How many clans do you have on this island, Mighty King?”

“We have five, soon maybe next year it will be six.”

“These Leprechaun ladies are frisky in this heat. They keep getting pregnant!”

“We have barely enough room in the five that we have”.

“And,, there as so many caves on this island, there is always room for many more”.

They exchanged pleasantries, they talked about Ireland and its Leprechaun clans.
Harken only knew a little bit about them,
SunCMars knows them best.

“Well, Lad it is time we be movin' on to my underground castle, it is a good hour away.
“I can fly the both of us there, choose not to do so. I need the exercise”.

“Oh, wait, oh good King, there is more than me that must go with you, it is others that need put up, making it three”.

“What! I was but told it was but one, now you say it is three?"

“Just who be the other two?”

“Ah, just friends”. Harken answered.

“Friends, just friends”.
“Friends of who, just you? Alroy was not happy.

I told him to not to get excited, everything is going as planned, just now planned differently than before.

I whistled, just once, I assumed the dog, the Red Dog would come, leaving behind ‘the other friend’ behind and snoring.
I want to spring the surprise on the old Leprechaun gently.

Gently, as is possible. Yes.


As planned, the Red Dog came running.
Running in leaps and bounds.
He sprung a good twenty feet in the air, as he ran through the thick vegetation.

King Alroy heard the dog coming, I heard nothing.

He whipped out his magic wand and pointed it in the direction of the far off sound of breaking twigs, and the swish of bent and smashed ferns and the fierce snapping of green bamboo shoots.

Within a mere few seconds the dog landed on front of us.

King Alroy paled, he inhaled long and hard, holding it in.

“Oh, gods, is that who I think it is?”

“It is a dog, oh King, who did you think it is?”

“Don’t toy with me Lad, I know my eyes, I know my dogs!”

The little chubby king started to back up, his magic wand was a twitchin’.

The dog leaped forward and jerked it out of his hand and tossed it over his head.

“Tell me, dog, are you the one they call, RED DOG?”

“Yes, it is I. I am Red Dog, who are you?”

The Leprechaun king fell over backwards, he fainted, then farted.
Rather loud, thank you very much.

Harken pour a little water over the King’s mouth, he slowly came to.
When he saw the dog he fainted again.

He did not fart, but he did wheeze.

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Meanwhile Mabel was having issues, man issues.

This thread will be continued in a few days, after she gets her boyfriend sorted out.

Oh, my.

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Chapter Eighteen

On the way back from scuba diving Mabel’s cell phone was full of messages and voice mails.

Mabel is a creature, a being from the past.

She has no real interest or need of a cell phone.

When someone wants to talk to her they look her up.
Or they go looking for her if she is not around and ‘it’ is important.

Lesser gods and lesser greater gods use their magic and their powers to communicate.

In truth, none of them want anyone else to know exactly where they are.

Ladies like Mabel have many ‘past enemies’.

She has no current enemies, though she should.

Her actions in Ireland should put her at the top of the list when it comes to those sought out, marked for death.

She has no current enemies because none of them are aware of her current existence.

SunCMars insisted that she remain low key as long as possible.

I believe he was hoping that she would have accompanied them on their inter-galactic journey.

She turned all of her friends down.
It hurt a lot of feelings, this refusal of hers.

While Harken was gone with his ‘new’ companion, Mabel allowed another man into her life. He is a lesser god of average means.

He know she is also a lesser goddess. He has no idea that she is [Ate’].
And don’t any of you tell him.

Seriously, she will not last long in this world, this incarnation, if she is discovered.
This latest incarnation of hers will soon be over if Hades or Zeus finds out she is, uh, ‘back’.

She lost most of her friends and protection when that ship disembarked for the stars.

Can you name me one strong person who will, could protect her at this moment? Not including Harken or…….
I need not mention this being.

Well, hopefully, [[[[The Helmsman]]]] or [[[[The Fist]]]] will keep her safe.
But, they will NOT take any direct action on her behalf. That is against The Good Order of Things.

They could tip her off, now and again. Before anything serious happens.

Hopefully, Queen Gaia will take her under her wing. She would be a very valuable ally.

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Chapter Nineteen

Here is where it gets complicated.

This lesser-god boyfriend of hers is a Martian and a jealous one, at that.

Reading his messages and voice mails, he wants to know who she went scuba diving with, and how close she has gotten with him.

He started in on, “Why did you not tell me you were going off for a whole week?”
He asked about her {their} sleeping arrangements.

Gods, wait till she tells him about Harken’s return.

She will certainly not tell him the whole truth.
She already told him that her boyfriend had left the country and would not likely return.

When he pestered her, she did tell him that she still had feelings for him, and yes, they were intimate lovers. He went crazy with jealousy, hearing that.

This boyfriend, this 'Thomas' is a hot head an accomplished athlete and is great in bed. He can go at it all night.
Most of the time he is fun to be around.
He really is.

Of course, up to now, she never gave him any reason to doubt her.

She had asked him on more than one occasion to go swimming and scuba diving with her.
He brushed off her requests.

He does go running and biking with her, that is nice.
He will not take up snow skiing because he is too cheap to travel to those locales that permit skiing.

The guy is wealthy, is handsome. He can do whatever he wants.

Yes, whatever 'he' wants. What Mabel wants is another story.

Mabel was just biding her time with this guy. Keeping her options open.

I neglected to mention, she does have Robby, the Australian Leprechaun King.

He is a good friend, but, she does not want to endanger him, so she will only go to him if it will not harm him or his ‘subjects’!
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