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Mental trauma and sex strike from wife

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We have been married for 7 months and rough things have happened when I left my wife soon after marriage for a foreign assignment. When I came back today, she gave me a paper having following stuff and she is asking me to agree/disagree these points. She is not coming to our home staying in her dad's place. She says after a week I have to give this reply and after that she will take her own time to decide on the results and then decide about coming to our home. Now I am all alone writing this post!

Here she goes:

1) My salary will not be given,at very max (some amount) can be given

2) No one should interfere in my financial matters

3) No interference for our and my life from your parents

4) No compulsion/pressurizing/forcing me for anything

5) No sarcastic talks from you or your parents

6) No Boozing

7) No quarrel with me for any matters. You also need to adjust as i do for all matters

8) I will go meet or stay with my fathers/sisters place whenever i fee (not as a guest)

9) No more loan for any unnecessary purchases and household things

10) No comparison by you and your parents with anyone and any matters

11) No degrading of me or my family by you or your parents

12) Never say me to go out of house

13) You have to take into consideration on my views on any matters affecting us

14) No male domination on me

15) I will just inform you whenever I want to go out with my father or sister

16) Any other matter mutually discussed

Thats all from the letter!

And now my points are:

1) I have not got any dowry/money from my wife but she threatens me like we got money. I asked her just to pay rent for the house, which I promised that I will pay back.

2) I am under pressure now that I have to agree for most of the points above

3) I am now under mental and physical pressure by my wife ranging from mental trauma and sex strike

4) I have to agree most the points above with which I don't even know to thing what will be the consequences are.

With such a situation, I need expert support and advice. Kindly help me and thanks in advance for the good Samaritans who advice me out of this!

Warm regards,
Good friend
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What happened before the list? Some of those sound really reasonable and healthy for every marriage, others seem a bit odd, but may have to do with what happened before all this.
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