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Lets play 20 questions and then some….
I've been randomly researching stuff and have never been in a relationship, so leaves me wondering and asking questions and i would love to get some decent answers please
1)what do men really think of women in their presence (do they find them obnoxious, overbearing, sweet, funny etc.)
2)do most men actually know when women are doing the most, and do they find them annoying when they do?
3)how do men feel about the average women now and days
4) what are some of men’s general opinion of most women period
5) how do men truly feel about their relationships (use it for sex, don't like their significant other, cheats on them, feel like they settled
6) how do you know they girl you have is the right one, do you regret losing some one..not having the courage to step up
7) are some men angry at some women and their choices in men (are women more superficial then men?)
8)have you ever met the perfect girl (not physically) or describe your perfect girl (non physical)
9) Do most men find women more annoying now that there is facebook, twitter, and texting or is it easier to be in a relationship. How does social media annoy men, do you feel women uses this as a venting exercise unhealthily, what are some secrets spilled? Profile pics, updates, tweets?
10) do men think women make themselves to available and too accessible for sex making them value them less?
11) do some men find that picking up women is almost too easy?, do men think sometimes their relationship is too convenient and their girlfriend let them get away with too much bull**** and is up their asses about too many superficial things? Example: don’t feel like putting the effort in your relationship anymore, but still use her for sex and even more put off that she doesn’t notice it or just coping and in denial, but complain when you don’t buy her nice things or impress her friends more often. Replacing conversation with material items
12) Have you ever lost respect from having sex with a woman who has not had multiple partners, but didn’t think she would give it up so easily.
13) Think women are too clingy and divulge too much of their lives in you, but want you to do all the heavy lifting also. in other words too much pressure from women to ‘be a man’ pay all the bills, work all the time, spend all your time with her also.
14) do men sometimes consider sex pointless and empty, want more from wife’s or girlfriends but they don’t understand it themselves
15) Why do men feel relationship are too complicated?
16) do women over complicate relationships?
17) would you go celibate for the loved one you have now? Or are you out soon as the sex is
18) are men looking for women that will make them a better man?
19) do men believe in true love?
20) does being cheated on change your view of women as a whole?
I know this is long and pointless but PLEASE vent your frustrations and your true feelings I am so very interested, and I’m not judging just never get to ask these types of questions usually
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