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Hello everyone,

My name is Dr. Burken.

I am a psychologist who specializes in marriage counseling.

I have been very fortunate to be able to fix many problematic
marriages over the years and love nothing more than to see struggling
couples find love again.

I have recently been urged by one of my recent couples to start a blog
giving marriage advice so I have done so.

I know there are thousands of struggling marriages out there and
thousands of people who need help and I want to help anyone and
everyone I can.

The main reason most couples struggle with marriage is because of lack
of communication. When couples do not communicate properly they begin to have fabricated views about the status of the marriage and the emotional fulfillment they are receiving from it.

You cannot be around the bush in a marriage and MUST communicate.
Nothing is accomplished by holding your feelings in and not expressing
your wants and needs to your spouse.

I have included a large amount of useful information in my blog and
urge anyone who is struggling with a relationship to visit my web blog.

Marriage Advice

Thank you all for your time and best of luck to all,

Dr. Burken
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