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It's the first time I have been to any forum but I'm feeling the need for some advice about what I am going through and feel that I cant talk to any family of friends about this.

Been married for 8 years, together for 15 years, we have two kids in primary school.
I work 4 days a week and study externally at university, and hubby has been on work cover for around 6-7 years.
Over the years I have gone on at him about doing more around house etc, I understand he has an injury but I work, study and do most of the kid stuff, and I'm exhausted, which I have told him how I feel several times and asked for more help. He does for the first week but after one week he's back to the same again.
We have relationship, communication, passion, romance, we dont go out, no life at all reallyand I feel like I have growen away from him. I dont want sex with him ( although he trys ).

A few months ago I met a man at a party and you know how the saying goes 'we connected' . I gave him my number (probably a bad move) and he rang me a few weeks later.
We have met up twice but only talked, he is in an open marraige as well.
I know there will be no future with this man, but it has made me think about my marraige and I dont think I love my husband anymore.

I'm feeling confused, guilty, lonely and empty ( and probably many other emotions )
Pleases offer some advice
Thanks Lucy
What is work cover & what kind of physical injury does your husband have?

You also have not mentioned what your husband does do in regards to taking care of the children, chores, etc.

You also have taken on a very full load - work, school, raising 2 children, household yet you expect your husband do step up to accomodate your full schedule...& I'm not saying he should or shouldn' can also postpone school if your schedule is too full right now.

The married man is just grooming you for sex not romance. He's probably lying about being in an open marriage. Hopefully you will not have an affair with him.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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