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lack of intimacy

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I have a great husband, we have almost been married 10 yrs and have 3 kids 8yrs,5yrs,3yrs.
We never have any time alone so I know that doesnt help. Hubby works hard, I pretty much do everything for the kids and the housework. I realize I resent him sometimes because he is a bit lazy when it comes to helping with the kids. I feel he is grumpy often because the lack of intimacy.
I might add that I am on anti depressants which may affect libido.
The problem is me, I have lost the need/want to be intimate. Do you think this means you are no longer attracted to your partner. What would you do ?
Please no nasty replies, I'm new here :)
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busymum said:

- because I have to do everything for the kids and housework I resent him at times and he may subconsciously feel the attention has shifted to the kids and they are the blame for the lack of intimacy.

- I started to resent him because he would come home late and would rather be socialising with work colleagues and having a beer than coming home . I understand that home wasn't appealing, 3 (under school age)very young kids at "witching hour" that needed me and no attention for him.

- he is an only child so I sometimes fell like his "mother" as he does little around the house.

- also maybe i should add that I find it difficult to orgasm. * blushes and hides*
You may very well be an "Acts of Service" woman...his helping you with the kids/ the house would make you feel LOVED, cherished....and may want more of his TIME in being with the family.... and he may be "TOUCH" - which very much frustrates him , causing his overt grumpiness .... so he starts to avoid, coming home later ....Mismatched Love languages going on here.... both need to take time for each other, to fill each others love tanks... this will help... Book link and tests on this thread >>
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