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lack of intimacy

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I have a great husband, we have almost been married 10 yrs and have 3 kids 8yrs,5yrs,3yrs.
We never have any time alone so I know that doesnt help. Hubby works hard, I pretty much do everything for the kids and the housework. I realize I resent him sometimes because he is a bit lazy when it comes to helping with the kids. I feel he is grumpy often because the lack of intimacy.
I might add that I am on anti depressants which may affect libido.
The problem is me, I have lost the need/want to be intimate. Do you think this means you are no longer attracted to your partner. What would you do ?
Please no nasty replies, I'm new here :)
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BusyMum, I think you are on the right track and have a good handle on what is going on. You didn't say much about his personality or how much you two communicate. I know coming from the other side of this equation that I might not react well/appropriately with this type of discussion. Unless you started it with the way you started your 1st post.

If the first words out of my W's mouth were "you're a great husband" and the discussion was framed around "us", I would be very receptive - even appreciative. Even if you feel it, try to avoid blame. Men tend to get defensive, go on the attack or just shut down with this stuff. But underneath, I think most of us want to do anything to make our W's happy.

MEM - that was an awesome post!!!
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