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It can be done! *update*

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To anyone who feels like they can't separate because of finances or is afraid to "lose everything". If there is will there is a way! This first year and a half since my separation has been so so so so tough. Mentally, emotionally, and financially. It is NOT easy so don't expect it to be! I had to live in a crappy yet absurdly expensive apartment. I was car-less. Had continous ex drama.

But BUT I finally closed, on my very own home! I have a car. My credit is good. A decent job. I even have a little savings! The divorce will be final Sept 11. And I 100% did it not having a dime to my own name after leaving my ex. But everything I have now is mine. Obtained by blood sweat and tears. And he has no claim to it. Heck, we are even beginning to co parent better!

It can be done y'all. It's super scary, and things get worse before they get better. But they do get better!
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