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Is this hurting a person too much?

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I was for some months with this girl and now we are separated.

I had pegged her from the beginning as someone i shouldnt take too seriously since she disrespected me a lot by flirting to other guys when we were in company with other people.

As time went on i started to feel for her and i wanted her to change but she wouldnt have it. She told me that talking to other friends was an important part of her life. We started to have arguments about it. I also asked her about a thing that was bothering me but i had surpressed: She told me she had been naked with 10 boys and i didnt ask her further about it at the time. THan i decided to know all about it and she let me know that shed go to a party and pick some random guy and get lock herself in a room with him and make out and get naked but not have sex.

Next morning i was very pissed off and i told her some things i think are pretty insulting: I told her i was haunted by the vision of her going to a party and picking a guy hoping for the best he will have a big D!ck and than get naked with him and suck him off and make him cumm and in short do anything that allows her to say she did not have sex and i found that disguisting? She didnt say nothing and we parted in anger and havent seen her since nor want to!

Is that being too insulting? A lot of the things i accused her of i just dug them up from my mind as she only told me she would get naked and make out but isnt silence a way of omitting the truth?
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It sounds like she's not ready for an exclusive relationship, for one. And secondly, maybe was a bit insulting (what you said), but oh well, too late now.. cut your losses and move on.
Yeah, that may have been insulting. I wouldn't be losing any sleep over it though. Especially if that's what it took to send her packing.:)
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Remember that you said that you felt disrespected by her constant flirting, but she refused to take your feelings into consideration.

If you feel the need to apologize for your " insulting statements " to her, then by all means do.

She may be attractive ,but maybe she's not the type of girl you are really looking for.
I know i wanted out i just ask myself if i should have spared her what i imagined went on when she did her stuff! Maybe its all for the better though, it will make her think twice next time!

I think any man that will go steady with a girl like that will have to bear some pretty heavy load on his mind when he wakes up next to her in the morning!
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