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What type of God would bestow these powerful urges and desires, yet expect you to practically lose your mind because you can't find a woman willing to accommodate? And even if you did find a woman, that might mean(depending on your drive) she would have to basically be available numerous times a day. What if that doesn't work for her? Isn't religion about being kind and respectful?

I've always been high drive but teens and 20's ? Forget it. At least now I have a bit more control then during those times. It was a tool for survival at times.

At the end if the day I guess you have to follow your beliefs and if they forbid it then I really don't know what advice anyone can give. Perhaps what another poster mentioned. Do what you need to do then just confess later. As long as no one else is affected , then perhaps that's the most reasonable compromise. I dunno I wish you well.
1 - 1 of 167 Posts