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I don't think they attract anyone, but I could be wrong.
I have experience on both sides of this issue, so I'm possibly qualified to comment on it reasonably.
In college I was fairly successful with girls even though I'm not conventionally attractive, largely because I had a DGAF attitude, but without knowing that was important.
After college I had long dry spells because I didn't realize how important that attitude is.
I have known of many women who would go for these guys if they just realized that they could be had.

You are correct that a lot of these fellows are so repulsive in their attitudes that no one even can be interested.

It is a choice they are making. They basically want women to be compelled to perform sex with them just because and relegate women to the status of sex dolls or slaves.

Since that isn't reality, thank God, they are choosing to remain celibate.
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