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I wonder whether my wife is truly and honestly okay with this

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Or suspicious? How would your wife react? Ever been in here?

Most of my medical providers and massage therapists now are women except the cardiologist and endocrinologist. I think the relation with the endocrinologist will be short term, so down to one male provider.

Medical oncologist dealing with hormones

And a second urologist who will be helping me with checking to see whether I'm having the normal amount of nocturnal erections. :oops:

I am actually very body shy and need to make sure I'm comfortable with each visit. For instance, the urologist testing my nocturnal erections may ask me to produce erections in the office to baseline the gear. I think I can handle the setup myself at home so I'm hoping she will not insist on doing it at the office. If so, I will insist on my doing the placing of the sensors while everyone else is out of the room and having a modesty blanket during the procedure. She doesn't need to see the erection as she will be able to record it on the device.

I definitely have some anxiety about that appointment.

Just in case, I asked my wife how she felt about another woman checking my erections. She says, "Okay, if that's what's needed." Probably comparing it to women dealing with male OBGYNs, but doesn't mean she is actually any more comfortable with it than I am.
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I went the doctors once for ED and got a young woman. She wanted to do tests on my organ but I said no thanks and went. Once I had another lady doctor checking me who checked with a machine to see if my bladder was empty then used a rubber glove to poke her finger up you know what. I wasn't thinking anything sexual but I had fantasies later on making it sexual and I had to get my wife to do stuff to me to eradicate the fantasies. The doctor was doing her job but things can happen in one's mind if you have a strong imagination.
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